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KD 4309 Re-provision Project

Meeting: 18/01/2017 - Cabinet (Item 11)

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A report from the Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care and the Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services is attached. (Report No.181, agenda part two also refers) (Key decision – reference number 4309)

(Report No.178)

(8.45 – 8.50 pm)


Ray James (Executive Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care) introduced the report (No.178) outlining proposals for Members’ consideration and approval on the way forward for the Reprovision Project.




1.               That Report No.181 also referred as detailed in Minute No.20 below.


2.               The procurement processes which had been followed as set out in the report, which had failed to reach a satisfactory conclusion. The report therefore recommended, subject to further governance and due diligence being undertaken, that the Council’s contingency arrangements be activated. This was to expand the role of the Council’s Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) Independence and Well Being Enfield, so that it could undertake service delivery of the new care home. A further report would be brought back to Cabinet for approval following the completion of the required governance considerations and due diligence.


3.               That, Members were advised that it had been necessary to review the recommendations set out in the published report. Ray James outlined for Members the new recommendations which were considered and agreed by Members at the meeting, as reflected in the decisions set out below. The amended recommendations would also need to be reflected in the wording of paragraph 3.8.2 of the report. It was noted that Members’ approval of the recommendations would be in the light of their consideration of the super part 2 report circulated at the meeting.


Alternative Options Considered: NOTED the alternative options which had been considered as set out in section 4 of the report.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed


1.               To note the contents of the super part two report, circulated at the meeting under restricted access, as detailed in Minute No.20 below, detailing background information of the recent tender exercise and the decision not to proceed.


2.               That Cabinet as shareholder resolved to write to the Company to update its business plan to incorporate operating a dual registered 70 bed care home and undertake necessary mobilisation ahead of any potential approval of the business plan.


3.               That the updated business plan would be brought to Cabinet for approval.


Reason: The detailed reasons for the recommendations were set out in full in section 5 of the report.

(Key decision – reference number 4309)