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Mayor's Announcement's (If any) in Connection with the Ordinary Council Business

Meeting: 19/05/2021 - Council (Item 8)

Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Council Business


The Mayor thanked councillors for allowing him to fulfil another year as Mayor and hoped that there would a celebration for his appointment in July 2021.


Members paid tribute to Monty Meth, the Chair of the Over 50s Forum. It was felt it was a great loss to Enfield as he had been an advocate for the borough his whole life.


The Mayor thanked officers, his friends family and colleagues for their support and work over the last year.


Meeting: 01/07/2020 - Council (Item 10)

Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Council Business


The Mayor announced that he would be informing members about his preferred charities at the next meeting. 


Meeting: 08/05/2019 - Council (Item 11)

Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Council Business


The Mayor congratulated her attendant Gordon Hall who was retiring after 3 years with in the Mayoral office.  She said that everyone would miss him and wished him all the best for the future. 


The Mayor planned great things for her mayoral year and would be raising funds for several charities.  This year she had chosen to support charities in support of sickle cell anaemia, dementia, cancer and the elderly and the retired as her core charities. 


Last time she said that she had raised £44,000 which she thought was more than any other mayor.  She hoped to beat her own record. 

Meeting: 23/05/2018 - Council (Item 10)

Mayor's Announcements (If any) in Connection with the Ordinary Council Business


The Mayor thanked Councillor Doug Taylor for the many years and effort that he had put in to the community of Enfield.  He received a standing ovation. 


Councillor Doug Taylor responded by wishing the Mayor every success in her year of office, hoping that the opposition would revise their opinion of her, once they had had a chance to know her, and saying that he thought that she would do a tremendous job. 


He said that it had been a privilege to serve as both the leader and deputy leader, as well as leader of the opposition and he was very proud of what the Council had achieved during this time.  He cited the bold and innovative Housing Gateway and Lee Valley Heat Network projects, the primary expansion programme, the private landlord licensing scheme and the bid for Cycle Enfield funding.  Enfield had been a high performer, a stable and competent Council and had become an outward looking borough, due to the good judgement of the Labour administration.  He was also proud of ensuring that all Enfield staff were now paid the London Living Wage.  “To dare is to do” and we have dared to do. 


The Council had significant challenges ahead, including dealing with further Government cuts and the new London Plan.  He felt that there was a need to recognise the many positives opportunities for the borough, including Meridian Water, and ensuring that the Mayor of London makes good on his promises on affordable housing.


He said that it had been a privilege, sometimes a pleasure, to serve the borough, and always interesting. 


The Council was now entering the 2018/19 municipal year with the best Labour result for 50 years.  He felt that it was good to bow out on a new high point and he wished everyone on both sides well. 


Councillor Laban added that although she did not always agree with everything that he had done, Doug Taylor had had the respect of the opposition and she was proud that he had represented the borough well and put the interests of Enfield residents first.  She thanked him, on behalf of the opposition.