Issue - meetings


Meeting: 06/12/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 4)


To receive a presentation from Fay Hammond, Director of Finance, on behalf of LB Enfield.


RECEIVED a presentation from Fay Hammond (Director of Finance, LB Enfield).


NOTED the presentation highlighted the following:

  The Council was setting it’s overall budget for 2019/20, and the presentation would explain the contexts, and the mutual understanding with the CCG of each others’ financial position. Both were looking at opportunities to work together for the best outcome for residents.

  The national funding picture and Enfield’s government funding were set out.

  There were uncertainties from forthcoming changes to the funding formula, economic pressures/Brexit, and demographic pressures in Enfield.

  Savings of £18m were required for 2019/20 with a further £18.5m required over the following three years of the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP).

  The Council was doing what it could to manage budget pressures and forecast overspend.

  The approach to budget setting 2019/20 was described. A Residents Budget Consultation exercise was being undertaken. The final budget and Council Tax for 2019/20 would be agreed at full Council 27 February 2019.

  The grant in respect of Public Health had been reduced year on year and was currently £17m. Around £1.85m of the public health grant will be used across the Council in 2019/20 to support the delivery of public health outcomes. Proposals for 2020/21 and beyond include sharing services to reduce cost, and addressing the core cost drivers.


IN RESPONSE comments and questions included:

1.    The Chair advised that the Council would do its best to protect the most vulnerable, and it would be important to work together to mitigate negative impacts.

2.    John Wardell and Maria Kane advised on equally challenging financial positions in the health service, and that very difficult decisions were having to be made, but moving forward there would be collaborative work with the local authority and associated providers.

3.    There were long term solutions being worked on for the future, and progress on integration. A challenge would be to improve public health through collaboration. Very recently Enfield Council had been ranked number two of the most improved councils, with significant improvements in all areas examined with two outstanding highlights around older people’s services and all age disabilities. Congratulations were recorded to the officers for the improvements.


AGREED that Health and Wellbeing Board noted the LB Enfield budget setting context and process.