Issue - meetings


Meeting: 17/09/2020 - Pension Policy & Investment Committee (Item 1)

Welcome and Introductions


Councillor Tim Leaver (Chair) welcomed everyone to the virtual Microsoft Teams meeting.


Apologies for lateness were received from Councillor Claire Stewart.


The Chair noted the large presentations to the meeting in addition to important business items. Consequently, the time allocations given to items was challenging. There was discussion around the functioning of the committee going forward.


AGREED a monthly investment review meeting, with a standard format on a Friday morning, to be arranged in addition to the scheduled committee meetings.

ACTION: Bola Tobun, Finance Manager, Pensions & Treasury

Meeting: 23/07/2020 - Pension Policy & Investment Committee (Item 1)



Councillor Tim Leaver welcomed everyone to the virtual meeting which was the first meeting to be held since February.  He gave a special welcome to Derek Levy who was a new member to the Committee.


Apologies for absence had been received from Matt Bowmer (Director of Finance) and Carolan Dobson (Independent Advisor)


Daniel Carpenter and Jo Peach were attending from AON and it was noted that their link was for audio only.  It was hoped that in future it would be possible for them to view the meetings.


Attention was drawn to the need for the agenda to be circulated in good time to allow members to view all papers prior to the meeting. They mustbe circulated within 5 working days of the Committee meeting taking place.