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Enfield Food Action Plan (6:50 - 7:00PM)

Meeting: 24/06/2021 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 4)

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Ailbhe Bhreathnach, Public Health Specialist – Health In All Policies, Public Health Department, London Borough of Enfield.

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RECEIVED the draft Enfield Food Action Plan and presentation introduced by Alison Asamoah, Community Food Coordinator, Kerry Coe, North Enfield Foodbank Manager, and Dionne John, Grassroots Project Manager.




1.    The Chair noted the context: recognition that health inequality was rooted in unequal access to sustainable food, and in the light of the 2020 Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission Report.

2.    The Survey of Londoners (2019) found that 20% of adults in Enfield had low or very low food security, and the number was likely to be higher now.

3.    Data and trends were provided from North Enfield Foodbank, which had joined with the Food Alliance to work with others for provision.

4.    The main reason people gave for accessing emergency food support was low income. There were referrals from every ward, but higher numbers from Edmonton and the East of the borough.

5.    The Food Action Plan was a recommendation from the Enfield Poverty and Inequality Commission Report, and had been developed through interviews, focus groups, surveys and workshops. The Plan centred on three tiers of action: Prevention, Early Help, and Crisis and Emergency Food Provision. The main goal and priorities were set out.

6.    Financial support advice was also important, and there was a Cash First Approach, with a specially designed advice leaflet.

7.    Initiatives to break the cycle of dependence on foodbanks were set out, including food pantries.

8.    The Chair asked that the Board be kept updated on progress, and that she would like to visit one of the food pantries.