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No. Item


Election if Required of the Chair/Deputy Chair of the Meeting


The Mayor's Chaplain to give a Blessing


Mayor's Announcements in Connection with the Ordinary Business of the Council


Minutes of the meeting held on 19 July 2017 pdf icon PDF 234 KB

To receive and agree the minutes of the meeting held on 19 July 2017. 




Declaration of Interests

Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda. 


Opposition Business: Library Service Provision in Enfield Highway pdf icon PDF 147 KB

An issues paper prepared by the Opposition Group is attached for consideration of Council.


The Council rules relating to Opposition Business are also attached for information.   

Additional documents:


Overview and Scrutiny Annual Work Programme and Workstreams 2017/18 pdf icon PDF 306 KB

To receive a report from Overview & Scrutiny Committee setting out the Scrutiny Annual Work Programme and Workstreams identified for 2017/18.                                                                                     (Report No:49)


Council is asked to note that Cabinet will be considering this report at their meeting on 13 September 2017.  Any comments from Cabinet will be included on the Council update sheet at the meeting. 


RIPA (Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act) - Changes to Policy pdf icon PDF 146 KB

To receive a report from the Monitoring Officer setting out a review of the Council’s Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA) policy.

                                                                                            (Report No:   37A)


Council is asked to approve the new version of the Council’s RIPA Policy and Procedure Document and notes the provision to remove the requirement for the Audit and Risk Management Committee to receive quarterly reports if RIPA powers are not used within the preceding quarter.


The report was approved by the Audit and Risk Management Committee on 5 July 2017. 

Additional documents:



10.1    Motion in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban


“Enfield Council believes that air quality is an important issue in our borough. However the Mayor of London’s proposal to extend the Ultra-Low Emission Zone to the North Circular is not the solution that Enfield requires. Enfield Council agrees to seek alternative measures that will make a real difference to Enfield residents.”


10.2    Motion in the name of Councillor Ertan Hurer


“The tragic events of the Grenfell Tower fire has highlighted the important issue of Council’s not being fully aware of who is living in these tower blocks.  This has meant that the true number of the people living there before the fire may never be known.  Enfield Council in response resolves to carry out an inspection of both residential and commercial properties to ensure that the terms of the tenancies are complied with so that we can be assured that in future the consequences of any fire or other disaster in council owned property can be dealt with as effectively and quickly as possible.”


10.3    Motion in the name of Councillor Vicki Pite


“The Mayor of London launched The London Borough of Culture competition at the start of this month. The process of submitting an application will bring together Enfield's Cultural organisations and build on the good work done through Enfield Festivals and Events. There is so much to celebrate about Culture in Enfield including Europe’s most inclusive theatre at Chickenshed, accessibility and participation at Millfield, rich heritage and award winning organic farming at Forty Hall and community led Festivals and Events in parks across the borough. Along with our Museums, Theatres, Community Cinema, Community Arts Organisations, Jazz and Blues Clubs, Choirs, Orchestras and Enfield Music Service we have what it takes to make us London's Borough of Culture. This Council unanimously supports the bid.”


10.4    Motion in the name of Councillor Alev Cazimoglu


“Social Care is in crisis, and it is decisions made in Downing Street that have brought us to this point.  The Prime Minister, Theresa May, must stop turning a blind eye to the problems in social care and address the funding crisis urgently.  Cuts to NHS services are compounding the problem.


Since 2010 local authorities social care budgets have been cut by £4.6 billion.  In Enfield we have seen our council budget cut by 40%.


Labour has warned time and again of the growing crisis in social Care.  The competing pressures of an ageing population and chronic underfunding cannot go on.


This Council should write to Theresa May demanding that she must act now to make sure that councils like Enfield have the money to provide quality social care for all who need it.”


10.5    Motion in the name of Councillor Ayfer Orhan


“We on this side are very proud, that despite the huge cuts from central government we, in Enfield, have been able to keep all 17 libraries within the Borough of Enfield open, whilst other London Authorities have had to cut their Library  ...  view the full agenda text for item 10.


Councillor Question Time pdf icon PDF 326 KB

11.1    Urgent Questions (Part 4 - Paragraph 9.2.(b) of Constitution – Page 4-9)


With the permission of the Mayor, questions on urgent issues may be tabled with the proviso of a subsequent written response if the issue requires research or is considered by the Mayor to be minor.


Please note that the Mayor will decide whether a question is urgent or not.


The definition of an urgent question is “An issue which could not reasonably have been foreseen or anticipated prior to the deadline for the submission of questions and which needs to be considered before the next meeting of the Council.”


Submission of urgent questions to Council requires the Member when submitting the question to specify why the issue could not have been reasonably foreseen prior to the deadline and why it has to be considered before the next meeting. 


11.2    Councillors’ Questions (Part 4 – Paragraph 9.2(a) of Constitution – Page 4 - 8)


Please note:  The list of questions and their written responses will be published on Monday 18 September 2017. 


Committee Membership

To confirm any changes to Committee memberships.


Please note no changes have been notified to date.  Any received once the agenda has been published with be tabled on the Council update sheet at the meeting. 


Nominations to Outside Bodies

To confirm any changes to the nominations on outside bodies:  No changes have been notified to date. 


Members are asked to note that any changes notified after the agenda has been published will be reported to Council on the update sheet to be tabled at the meeting. 


Called in Decisions

None received. 


Date of Next Meeting

To note the date agreed for the next Council meeting:


·       Wednesday 22 November 2017 at 7pm at Enfield Civic Centre. 


Exclusion of Press and Public

To pass a resolution under Section 100A(4) of the Local Government Act 1972 excluding the press and public from the meeting for any items of business moved to the part 2 on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in those paragraphs of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Act (as amended by the Local Government (Access to Information) (Variation) Order 2006) as listed on the agenda.  There is no part 2 agenda.