Agenda and minutes

Ordinary Meeting, Council - Wednesday, 12th October, 2022 7.00 pm

Venue: Council Chamber

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No. Item

The Mayor's Chaplain to give the blessing

Dr Nick Chandra, Pastor, Revival Christian Church of Enfield gave a blessing.



Elect a Person to Preside if the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are not present


There was no business transacted under this item.


Mayor's Announcements


The Mayor welcomed everyone to the Chamber for the first Ordinary Council of the Autumn and hoped that all were well following the special meeting convened to commemorate the late Queen Elizabeth II.


There had been many events that the Mayor had been invited to, which the Mayor highlighted and included Enfield’s diverse community and she had been overwhelmed by the welcome she had received, for example, the Windrush Anchor Festival, Asure Community Event, Eid Gala, Chariots Festival, an event honouring 20 years of the Congolese Community, the month of Sundays events at Snells Park, Ashfield Parade in Southgate, and Edmonton Shopping Centre and the Youth Talent Event at the Youth Zone of Eagles Boxing Club.


Special thanks were given to Julia Clarke who had retired as Deputy Head of the Prince of Wales Primary School after over 30 years of service. Recognition of Julia’s contribution to the Religion and Identity project, where she worked with the university of Westminster to create a scheme of work for Religious Education that was taught throughout the school and had directly led to Alevism being recognised in the UK as a religion – the first country in the world to do so was noted. This scheme of work was now taught in schools across Enfield and the country.


On the 2nd September 2022, the Mayor attended the borough’s twinned town of Gladbeck with her daughter, Jannaya and Cllr Elisa Morreale for the weekend. The welcome they received had been wonderful and the Mayor was so happy to be able to be part of the Appeltatenfest this year, after an absence of two years, reaffirming the relationship between the towns, which was now 52 years old.


It had been a great pleasure to meet up with other London Mayors at the London Pearly Kings and Queens Society Harvest Festival Service, a wonderful tradition in London.


The Mayor had also attended the Enfield Voluntary Action Volunteering Ceremony at the Civic Centre and had been inspired to see so many caring people who worked hard to help those who needed support.


Another ceremony attended by the Mayor had been the commendation of the new North Area Borough Commander, Caroline Haines. The Mayor congratulated Caroline on her new appointment.


Black History month in October allowed everyone to celebrate the huge diversity of the borough and the determination and triumph of those who had settled here to make a life for themselves. The Mayor had attended a Windrush Event at the Millfield Theatre, which showcased 20 stories. The Mayor stated that she had been humbled by their resilience and strength.


On the 8th October 2022, the Mayor held an Awareness Day for Domestic Violence, how it affected the mental health of young children and the support services available in Boundary Hall, Edmonton. Many stallholders attended and provided information and advice. It was very useful for the stallholders to network with each other and share valuable information. The Mayor would continue to raise awareness of this issue throughout the  ...  view the full minutes text for item 2.




Apologies for absence were received from Councillors Maria Alexandrou, Chinelo Anyanwu, Alev Cazimoglu, Stephanos Ioannou, Chris Joannides, Andy Milne, and Gina Needs.


Apologies for lateness was received from Councillor Rick Jewell.


Declarations of interest

Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to the items on the agenda.


The following Councillors declared non-pecuniary interests in the following items:


Motion 11.8 – Councillors Chris Dey, Andrew Thorp, Emma Supple due to their involvement with the Guide and Scout Associations; and

Motion 11.5 – Councillor Joanne Laban who was a Governor of Capel Manor College.



Minutes of previous meeting pdf icon PDF 116 KB

To receive and agree the minutes of the previous meeting of the Council held on Wednesday 13 July 2022.


The minutes of the Council meeting held on 13 July 2022 were received and AGREED as a correct record.


Petition: We voted for you. Please speak up for us. #Debate Enfield's Local Plan pdf icon PDF 97 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Law and Governance detailing a petition received about: We voted for you. Please speak up for us. #Debate Enfield's Local Plan.


The Lead Petitioner, Carol Fisk spoke for five minutes in support of the petition on Councillors: We voted for you. Please speak up for us. #Debate Enfield's Local Plan. The Petitioner raised the following points:


·         To bring the revised Local Plan to a Full Council meeting, as promised by a majority vote of councillors at an Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 9 June 2021.

·         To allow sufficient time for councillors to debate the merits of the Local Plan for the first, and only, time at Full Council before it was submitted to the National Planning Inspectorate for consultation as part of the Regulation 19 process.

·         To ensure that each councillor had the chance to vote either for or against the plan and, in the interest of transparency and public accountability, subject this vote to a “Roll Call” so that there is a public record of how each councillor voted.

·         The revised Local Plan be published, in a fully accessible form for residents (length, format, physical copies) at least 12 weeks before the date of the proposed Full Council meeting to enable councillors, especially those who were new, to properly consider the contents of the plan and to engage their constituents in a meaningful and productive consultation about their aspirations, their homes and their environment before the debate at Full Council at which councillors could decide whether to submit the plan to the National Inspectorate and proceed to a formal public consultation.


Councillor Caliskan, Leader of the Council, thanked the Lead Petitioner for presenting the Petition on behalf of the other residents of Enfield.


Councillor Caliskan noted that the development of a sound local plan was a very important statutory requirement which impacted on generations to come and the Borough. The publication of a Local Plan was a long and complicated process, both technically difficult for officers and always politically sensitive. Should the Council not allocate adequate amounts of land there would be consequences for borough from the National Planning Inspector.

The interest shown in the development of a Local Plan from the borough’s community groups, civic societies, and our residents was very much welcomed as was the Petition, which included some very constructive and helpful suggestions.


The Leader stated that she was very happy for the administration to vote to agree the demands in the Petition. In terms of bringing the Local Plan to the Full Council for debate, that was something the Administration had already stated as its intention and was also a statutory responsibility.


The next stage would be for the Council to publish the regulation 19 followed by a 12-week consultation period and the Plan would then be tabled at the Full Council meeting, followed by submission to the National Planning Inspector. If required at that Full Council meeting, there would be an extension of time to allow members to speak.


The Leader moved that the revised Local Plan be published and consulted on in accordance with the intention as previously set out by the Administration and  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Opposition Priority Business - The Local Plan pdf icon PDF 20 KB

An issues paper prepared by the Opposition Group is attached for information.


Councillor Alessandro Georgiou, Leader of the Opposition, introduced the Opposition Priority Business paper on the Local Plan.


Councillor Georgiou noted that Enfield’s Core strategy had been adopted in 2010. Inevitably, since then, there had been changes to planning law, planning guidance, and regional plans such as the London Plan. In addition, there had been a number of planning appeals from the Planning Inspectorate that informed local planning applications. Until Enfield adopted a new Local Plan the borough would find it difficult to resist some planning applications that might be regarded as impacting negatively on Enfield.


The current draft Local Plan had been formulated without input from other political groups on the council (unlike all previous Local Plans). The plan also failed to reflect key themes in the London Plan 2021 and national government planning policy, especially on the Green Belt. The consultation with the public in Enfield had been successful and a large number of responses had been received. However, a significant number of the responses questioned aspects of the draft Local Plan. It therefore appeared that the draft Local Plan did not command wholehearted support from the residents of the borough.


The prompt establishment of a cross-party working group would play an important role in ensuring that the Local Plan was progressed through collaborative working.



·         A cross-party working group should review the draft Local Plan and make recommendations to the Cabinet and Council.

·         Full Council should debate the revised Local Plan prior to submission.

·         Proposals to allow building on the Green Belt should be reviewed in the light of the London Plan 2021 and in the light of opposition to development on the Green Belt by the Mayor of London and National Government.

·         Careful consideration needs to be given where taller buildings may be acceptable.


Some members felt that the current draft Local Plan was not supported as it had not been debated in the Chamber and expressed full support for the Petition.


It was noted that the Local Plan would be a mechanism to promote urban regeneration, utilize the brownfield sites to safeguard against development on the green belt and provide green spaces for the health and wellbeing of local residents. Members commented that without a Local Plan the borough remained vulnerable to inappropriate and undesirable development in unsuitable locations.


The Local Plan was a very important document, which would allow for the development and regeneration of the local area in the way that is desired through extensive consultation and public debate.  The Local Plan would protect the borough from inappropriate development which impacted on the borough and would enable the council to make significant, informed decisions. Members noted that although building on brownfield sites had merit, two thirds of the brownfield sites in the borough were currently in private ownership. The Local Plan would enable the council to address the housing situation in the borough, where there were over 3,500 residents in temporary accommodation.


During the debate, a procedural motion under paragraph 4.2 was moved by  ...  view the full minutes text for item 7.


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Partnership Strategy 2023-2027 pdf icon PDF 262 KB

To receive a report from the Executive Director of People seeking the approval of Full Council for the new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Partnership Strategy 2023-27.

Additional documents:


Councillor Abdul Abdullahi moved, and Councillor Chris James seconded, the report.


Councillor Abdul Abdullahi introduced the report and thanked parents and carers for their contribution and time, which sought the approval of Full Council for the new Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Partnership Strategy 2023-27, which would replace Enfield’s SEND Education Strategy (2018), which had now expired.


The new strategy would provide strategic direction for the Council and the local SEND Partnership to improve outcomes for children and young people with SEND. 


The strategy highlighted the importance of the first 1,001 days of a child’s life (up until the age of 2), and the impact this can have on the development and life chances of our children and young people.  Where early identification, together with early and consistent intervention was crucial to the outcomes and life chances of the borough’s children and young people.


The strategy also recognised that a child’s development and life chances were influenced by a multitude of factors such as early relationships, the care they receive, living in poverty, or becoming looked after.


There were significant pressures on the Local Authority.  There was a high need deficit in Enfield which resulted in a large number of children and young people attending out of borough provision.


For the children and young people with complex needs to achieve positive outcomes and reach the high aspirations set out in the Council Plan Enfield Borough Council must meet and support their needs.


The Opposition welcomed and supported the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Partnership Strategy 2023-2 which simplified access to early identification and intervention with ongoing support to enable the children and young people with complex needs to reach their full potential, to participate in society and to thrive.


Disappointment was expressed that the new Strategy did not contain reference how practical support could be accessed, particularly for those children and young people who were significantly affected by lockdown, which would have lifelong implications for those who were unable to access services and provisions and where online interventions were not effective.


The Administration expressed confidence that Enfield Borough Council would provide the support.


Following the debate, the recommendation in the report was put to the vote and was unanimously AGREED.



Scrutiny Annual Work Programmes 2022/23 pdf icon PDF 269 KB

To agree the Scrutiny Annual Work Programmes 2022/23.


Councillor Margaret Greer moved, and Councillor Chris Dey seconded, the report.


AGREED to approve the annual scrutiny work programmes for 2022/23 for the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Standing Panels.


Procedural Motion


A procedural motion was moved and seconded under paragraph 2.2 of the Council Procedure Rules to change the order of business on the agenda so that Motions would be taken as the next item of business which was put to the vote and AGREED.




Motion in the name of Councillor Joanne Laban

This chamber calls on the Deputy Mayor for Policing to resign after the Metropolitan Police Service was placed in a form of special measures by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS).  Enfield has a high level of serious youth violence so it is a necessity that the Metropolitan Police Service is operating at its best. The Metropolitan Police Service requires new leadership at political and operational level to deliver the improvements it needs to combat crime across London.




Motion in the name of Councillor Chris Joannides

This Council will sign up to the Miscarriage Association's Pregnancy Loss Pledge to tackle the stigma associated with miscarriage and supports the campaign which wants to introduce paid leave for families who experience a miscarriage.


Miscarriage is the most common kind of pregnancy loss, affecting around one in four pregnancies in the UK.


The Council recognises the emotional trauma and loss suffered by parents as a result of stillbirths and miscarriages. As such, Enfield Council aims to improve support for parents by encouraging work environments where employers show empathy and understanding so employees who have been impacted do not have to use sick or annual holiday leave.



Motion in the name of Councillor Adrian Grumi

Following the speeches by the Mayor and Deputy Leader regarding their support for serving personnel, veterans and cadets in the borough at this years Armed Forces Day Event, Enfield as a borough join many other councils and organisations across the UK in renewing our Armed Forces Covenant that was first signed in 2012.



Motion in the name of Councillor Stephanos Ioannou

Council notes that on 4th March the Mayor of London announced his plan to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) from its current boundary of the North and South Circulars to cover almost all of Greater London, including Enfield. These plans would see the ULEZ expanded by 29th August 2023.


Council notes that, whilst the ULEZ was originally introduced covering the same area and with the same boundaries as the Congestion Charge Zone, on 25th October 2021 it was expanded by 18 times its original size to its current boundaries. Council therefore notes that this significant change took place less than a year ago and that the ramifications have yet to be fully assessed.


Council notes that expansion would mean that those with non-compliant vehicles would pay £12.50 per day to drive within the ULEZ. Residents would be forced to pay more to get to work, visit friends and family and take advantage of Enfield's local businesses and high streets. This could cost jobs, damage the social fabric of Enfield, and encourage businesses to locate elsewhere.


Council notes this would be a regressive tax, as the less well-off are disproportionately penalised. Council further notes that this expansion would mean many more areas with poor public transport would be included within the zone; this is fundamentally unfair on those  ...  view the full agenda text for item 11.


Urgent Motion in the name of Councillor Nesil Caliskan


Enfield Council recognises that the Government has lost control of the economy amidst a cost-of-living crisis, prompting the Bank of England to make an unprecedented £65bn intervention to stabilise markets, following catastrophic proposals announced in the September mini-budget.


Increasing energy bills, tax rises on working people and inflation reaching a 40-year high have devastated living standards for Enfield residents. The economic crisis also means higher rents and higher mortgages as interest rates skyrocket.


The economic crisis has been self-inflicted by Liz Truss and her government. This Council notes that trickle-down economics has consistently failed.


The decision of the government to reverse the plans to abolish the 45p income tax rate was only made after days of economic turbulence.


  1. Enfield Council calls on the government to:
  2. Properly tax the oil and gas giants to pay for an energy price cap freeze Ensure the minimum wage is set at a level that reflects the cost-of-living Enfield Council will write to the Chancellor to urge him to take immediate action to stabilise the economic situation.
  3. Enfield Council will take direct action to do everything it can to support residents throughout this crisis, including:
  4. Identifying public building space in the borough that could provide places of warmth for those struggling to heat their homes
  5. Creating a programme to make additional food available to pupils from low-income households to help them through the winter
  6. A call to action to our community organisations to work with us to get hot food to our residents aged over 70 who may struggle in the coming months Making our residents fully aware of our Hardship Fund services and how to contact us
  7. Establishing a highly visible and easily accessible Cost of Living web resource on our Council website that is regularly updated with helpful information for residents


During the debate, a procedural motion was moved and seconded under paragraph 4.2 to extend the debate for a further 10 minutes which was put to the vote and AGREED.


Following the extended debate, a procedural motion was moved and seconded under paragraph 13.21(ii) to go to the vote, which was put to the vote and AGREED.


A recorded vote on this item was requested by Cllr Nesil Caliskan. Eleven more members of the Council having stood in support of the request for a recorded vote, the Urgent Motion was put to the vote and was AGREED with the following votes recorded:



31 Voting For

Abdul Abdullahi

Josh Abey

Nicki Adeleke

Gunes Akbulut

Mahmut Aksanoglu

Nawshad Ali

Kate Anolue

Mahym Bedekova

Sinan Boztas

Nesil Caliskan

Mustafa Cetinkaya

Hivran Dalkaya

Guney Dogan

Ergin Erbil

Thomas Fawns

Margaret Greer

Esin Gunes

Ayten Guzel

Nelly Gyosheva

Ahmet Hasan

Suna Hurman

Mohammad Islam

Chris James

Rick Jewell

Tim Leaver

Ahmet Oykener

Sabri Ozaydin

George Savva

Nia Stevens

Doug Taylor

Eylem Yuruk



21 Abstentions

Lee Chamberlain

Chris Dey

Hannah Dyson

Peter Fallart

Reece Fox

Alessandro Georgiou

Patricia Gregory

Adrian Grumi

James Hockney

Joanne Laban  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.


Councillor Question Time pdf icon PDF 450 KB

The list of questions and their written responses will be published prior to the meeting.


This item was noted under the guillotine arrangements. Answers to questions were provided in the supplementary agenda circulated at the meeting.


Committee Memberships

The Council is asked to approve the following changes to the Staff Appeals, Appointments and Remuneration Committee:


Cllr Tim Leaver and Cllr Abdul Abdullahi to replace Cllr Guney Dogan and Cllr Margaret Greer.


Any further changes received once the agenda has been published will be included in the supplementary Agenda to be circulated at the meeting.


The changes to the committee membership were dealt with under the guillotine arrangements and it was AGREED that:


Councillor Tim Leaver and Councillor Abdul Abdullahi to replace Councillor Guney Dogan and Councillor Margaret Greer on the Staff Appeals, Appointments and Remuneration Committee.

Councillor Alessandro Georgiou to replace Councillor James Hockney on the Finance & Performance Scrutiny Panel.


Nominations to Outside Bodies

To confirm any changes to the nominations on outside bodies.


Any changes received once the agenda has been published will be included in the supplementary Agenda to be circulated at the meeting.


There were no nominations to outside bodies.


Date of Next Meeting

To note the agreed date of the next Council meeting as Wednesday 16 November 2022.


The date of the next meeting was NOTED as 16 November 2022.