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Conservation Advisory Group - Tuesday, 12th March, 2019 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Andy Higham 

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Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Anne Brown and from Andy Higham (Head of Development Management). 



Membersof the ConservationAdvisory Groupare invitedto identify any disclosablepecuniary,other pecuniaryor non-pecuniaryinterests relevantto itemson theagenda.


There were no declarations of interest. 


MINUTES pdf icon PDF 135 KB

To confirm the Minutes of the Conservation Advisory Group that took place on Tuesday 19 February 2019. 


The minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2019 were agreed as a correct record with the following amendment: 


Item 6 Southgate Office Village Para 6  Noted that the railway bridge was not inaccessible as stated. 


The Glade, Trent Park

To receive a presentation on the proposals for the Glade at Trent Park. 


Representatives from Berkeley Homes and Purcell Architects gave a presentation on revised plans for the Glade, Trent Park. 


1.            Presentation on the revised plans for the houses in the Glade


The following points were highlighted during the presentation:


·         Construction was underway on the first phase of the development at Trent Park. 


·         The Glade was an area of woodland where 4 houses, designed to merge into the woods, were planned.


·         Cross routes through the site would be maintained. 


·         Planning consent for the houses had already been received, but changes were now proposed. 


·         The proposals were made up of a simple linear design for 4 unique contemporary buildings. 


·         The original designs included a master bedroom on the ground floor, but this had proved unpopular and it was now proposed to put all the bedrooms upstairs.


·         An under croft / carport area for parking, bike and bin storage would be situated under the building.


·         A dark grey brick was proposed to help the buildings merge into the shadow. 


2.            Comments/Issues raised by CAG members: 


2.1         Some concern about the use of an industrial grey brick in a rural environment.  Others liked this as it helped the buildings merge into the shadow.  The architect agreed to provide colour montages showing three lighter types of brick (not red)


2.2         The view that the new design as a larger two storey building was more abrupt and could be more dominant than the original proposals. CAG viewed the latest design proposal as an improvement of the previously approved scheme.


2.3         Questions were asked about how the buildings would sit in the plot and how they would interact with the slope.  Each building would be at a different height.  The average median height of the buildings would be 7m.  At no point would they be 8m tall. 


2.4         CAG wanted to see the buildings set in a topographical survey. The architect agreed to provide the information.


2.5         Support for the modernist style and sleek lines of the buildings, but some concern about the roof line.


2.6         A refuse store had been built into the scheme.  Owners of the property would be expected to take their wheelie bins to the end of a drive, as the Council collection trucks would be unable to access the properties directly.


2.7         Owners of the new properties would not be able to make changes as all permitted development rights would be removed. Berkeley Homes would retain responsibility for the maintenance of the grounds.  This would be covered in the leases granted when the properties were sold. 


AGREED that Carol Fisk, Andrew Newman and Dennis Stacey would form a small working party to work with the developers on the plans, considering the design of the buildings, how they would fit within the contour of the land, the possible impact of a lighter brick.  Subject to a satisfactory outcome it would be unnecessary to bring the application back to CAG. 


Chase Side Medical Centre, Enfield Town

To receive a presentation on the proposals for Chase Side Medical Centre, Enfield Town. 


CAG received a presentation (including a video) on the new designs for Chase Side Medical Centre, from MEB Architects.


1.            Presentation on the New Designs for Chase Side Medical Centre


The following issues were highlighted: 


·         This project had started several years ago and there had been delays, a breakdown in communication and changes of planning officers dealing with the case.  It had been to CAG a few years ago but CAG’s comments had not been passed on until December 2018 when the proposals were nearly complete. 


·         Since the original application several changes had been made including setting the second floor further back (3.5-4 metres), the brick colour had been changed to meet a planning officer request. The video had been put together to allow the designs to be seen in 3D.  Creating a raised parapet had also been considered.  Guttering was hidden to create a simple profile. 


·         The windows would be high quality, powder coated grey, there would be glazed white brick on the front elevation and the roof a light grey material with cladded aluminium.


·         The white box on the roof was the lift overrun which would be clad in aluminium to match.  It was centrally situated in the building and set some way back so that it was less visible from the street.  Under NHS regulations the lift had to be big enough to hold 13 people and a stretcher.


·         The top floor was 234 square metres. 


·         The design of the building aimed to make best use of the space for the users of the medical facility.  


2.            CAG Comments and Issues Raised


2.1       CAG was concerned that the signage on the building should be simple.  This would be subject to a separate application.


2.2       There were long standing concerns about the lift box on the roof which looked ugly.  It would be visible, and it was felt it would block views of the church spire from Parsonage Gardens and the Green on Nunn’s Road.


2.3       Members reluctantly accepted the second floor but not the lift box.  CAG requested some verified views as to how this would impact upon surrounding views.


2.4       Relocating the lift would be difficult at this stage of the design process as the building would have to be re-engineered. 


AGREED  CAG rejected the proposal because of the obtrusive nature of the lift box. CAG will reconvene its working party (Caroline Carter, John West and Dennis Stacey) and meet with the planning case officer to look at options for dealing with the lift box on the roof and to review the proposed materials. 




Proposals for 1A Conway Road

To receive a presentation on the proposals for 1A Conway Road. 


1.            Presentation of Proposals for 1A Conway Road


The architect presented his proposals for the site at 1A Conway Road on the Lake’s Estate. 


·         The first planning application had been withdrawn after initial comments indicating that the proposals would be unacceptable in a conservation area.  The architect had been asked to go away and look at a contextual approach to the design and come up with something site specific.


·         The site was quite wide but shallow.  At present it had three small sheds on it.  There were no windows on the flat side of the site.  The building had therefore been situated on the flats side of the site, with a garden and car parking to the other side. 


·         The proposal was for a 3 bedroom, self-contained house with square bay windows, some brick work and some aluminium cladding. 


2.         Comments and issues raised by CAG


2.1       There was some concern about the windows which seemed a bit uneven but others liked the quirkiness.  Some thought that a modern building ought to have larger windows and others that the glazing was not modern enough. 


2.2       The site was very shallow which limited options. A high-quality Edwardian replica would be acceptable but it was not thought to be possible to reproduce that style on such a narrow site.


2.3       The design seemed overly dominant for the size of the site. However it was felt that the taller building worked better than the original one storey building.


2.4       The design was felt to be neither different enough nor similar enough to existing buildings. More design development was needed to create a distinctive modern building with high quality finish.


2.5       The other side of the street was made up a fine row of Edwardian houses.


2.6       Any new building would need to conform to Local Plan requirements which included 50% garden amenity space. Bridget Pereira was asked to confirm planning policy as the provision of 50% amenity space would automatically drive any development higher.


2.7       The proportions were too vertical, the brick cladding too heavy and the angles at the top of the building too sharp.


AGREED that a lot of design development work needed to be carried out by the applicant so it was agreed to set up a working group with a representative from the Lake’s Estate Conservation Study Group, Paul Hutchinson and Dennis Stacey to work with the architect on a more acceptable proposal. 


Heritage Briefing

To be circulated separately. 


Received a briefing note from Christine White on heritage matters. 




1.            Heritage Strategy and Local Plan


The consultation on the Heritage Strategy and the draft Local Plan had now closed.  There had been a good response.


Officers were looking through the responses and were planning to report back on the Heritage Strategy to Local Plan Cabinet Sub Committee in April 2019. 


An update on the draft Local Plan will also be considered at the sub-committee in March 2019.  Further consultation on the plan will take place in 2020. 


Christine White thanked members for their contributions to both consultations. 


Caroline Carter (Enfield Town Conservation Area Study Group) said that there had been no mention in the Local Plan of Lancaster Road as a borough shopping area.  Christine would feed this comment back to officers. 


2.            Broomfield House


Feasibility work was being undertaken to consider next steps.  This will be discussed at a partnership board workshop on 28th March.  Christine would feed back to CAG on progress. 


3.            The National Lottery Heritage Fund (NHLF)


The National Lottery Heritage Fund has £1.2billion to distribute over the next 5 years.  Enfield has been identified as a focus area in London to receive more funding.  These funds will have to be bid for.  Christine was due to meet with representatives from the fund to discuss this.


It was suggested that a workshop involving local groups would be a good way to engage local organisations. 


Councillor Rawlings suggested that the Charity Hall in Edmonton should be considered for funding. 


4.            Liveable Neighbourhood Bid for Enfield Town


Enfield has been successful in a bid of £6m from the GLA for Enfield Town.  The money will be used to make improvements to the public realm including safer walking and cycling.  Further details will be coming forward. 


CAG hoped to be able to be involved in the proposals at an early stage.


Chair's Feedback from 26 February 2019 Planning Committee Meeting

To note that there was nothing to report as none of the applications considered had been to CAG.  


There was nothing to feedback. 



To receive feedback from Conservation Officers regarding the applications considered by CAG at the November meeting as attached. (B)


1.            3 Bulls Cross, EN2 9HE (Ref:  18/002987/FUL)


This application had been for a small bungalow set between two other properties had been refused.


2.            The Laurels, 25 River View, EN2 6PX (Ref: 18/04263/HOU)


The decision was pending but it would be refused.


3.            3 Abbotshall Avenue, N14 7JU (Ref: 18/04461/HOU)


The decision was being appealed, but it was hoped the issues could be resolved.    


4.            Redwood House, 33 London Road, EN2 6DR (Ref: 17/05504/PREAPP)


The proposals involved the addition of two floors to the building with residential units above commercial units on the ground floor.  CAG’s comments had been passed on to the case officer. 


The application would be considered under delegated powers. 


Conservation Areas, Listed Building Applications and Appeals Determined pdf icon PDF 64 KB

To receive information on conservation areas, listed building applications and appeals determined attached.  (C)


CAG noted the information provided.   



Toenablemembers of the ConservationAdvisoryGroup to bringup urgentmatters not covered elsewhere on theagenda


1.            Cemetery House, Church Street, N9 NHP


A photograph of the house was shown.  Cemetery House is an attractive building built around 1840 which had been in a very poor condition and has recently been restored inside and out by the applicant for his corporate headquarters.


A planning application to replace the stable block and side extension with a row of residential properties is being considered.  The stable block and extension are close to structural failure.


AGREED that Bridget Pereira and Dennis Stacey would meet the developer to discuss his proposals and report back to CAG.   


2.            Travis Perkins Building, Winchmore Hill


A view of the proposed building was shown.  A working group (John West, Peter Fisk and Dennis Stacey) had met the developer and had agreed changes which improved the overall presentation of the building.  The proposals for the shopfront signage would need to be seen before CAG could give any final approval.


The most important aspect is the relationship of the building with Its immediate neighbour; the Grade 2 listed police station. The shape of the building could not be altered.   The working party accepted that position following a detailed review of the design and the need to include required social housing.  The architect agreed to provide colour montages showing alternative brick finish (lighter but not red) to the main elevations CAG are also seeking a much improved design for the shopfront and its presentation to the street. The design of the shopfront, facia and signage is to be fully developed and included in the initial planning application.


3.            Bridge House


An elevation of the building was shown.  Bridge House had received planning permission and members of a CAG working party (Andrew Newman, Peter Fisk and Dennis Stacey) were working with the architect to make the design more acceptable in conservation terms. The windows were being discussed and improvements to the detailing suggested.  The mock chimneys may be bought back.  The architect was due to return to the Council and the working party, in the next three weeks, with the agreed amendments and 1:20 details.


4.            Tree Officers


The council’s tree officers will be attending the next meeting to give a general overview.


5.            15 Ridgeway


Discussions with the case officer had taken place.  The views of CAG had been fed through.  If refusal was not being sought then the application would be bought back to CAG. 


6          4 Gentlemen’s Row


The case officer had made a site visit and was minded to approve the application for a rear roof extension.  More information was needed about how the proposals relate to the area and the impact they would have.  It will mean one flat square roof amongst a terrace that currently hangs together well. There was a discussion to be had about the impact of changes to the rear the buildings in a conservation area.  Bridget would talk to the case officer about this application. 


7.            Grade 2 Georgian Terrace on Southgate Green


Concern was raised  ...  view the full minutes text for item 11.



To note the dates agreed for future meetings. 


The full calendar of meetings for 2018/19 has been circulated.  The next meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 2 April 2019.