Agenda and minutes

Green Belt Forum - Tuesday, 9th July, 2019 7.30 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA

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To elect the Chair and Vice-Chair for the Municipal Year 2019/20


Councillor Dino Lemonides was appointed as Chair for the municipal year 2019-20. Councillor Lindsay Rawlings was appointed Vice-Chair for the municipal year 2019-20.




Councillor Lemonides welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made.


He advised the audience that he was a Ward Councillor for Chase Ward and a lot of the green belt space in the borough sits within this ward. He also said that there appeared to be more planning enforcement issues in Chase Ward than the rest of the borough, and these were two of the reasons why he had put himself forward as Chair of the Green Belt Forum and he looked forward to future meetings.  


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Tolga Aramaz as he was required to attend tonight’s meeting of the Overview & Scrutiny Committee. Councillor Dinah Barry was substituting for Councillor Aramaz.



To receive a short presentation on the Heritage Strategy SPD and the scale of the responses that were received on the Local Plan Regulation 18 public consultation (statistics regarding the number of people who responded).


RECEIVED an update from Vincent Lacovara, Head of Planning May Hope, Local Plan Lead on the Local Plan Regulation 18 Public Consultation.




(i)            May Hope introduced herself and her colleagues and thanked the Forum for the invitation to attend the meeting to prove an update on the Local Plan Consultation as well as the Heritage Strategy.

(ii)          May reminded everyone what the Local Plan is and the journey so far.

(iii)         The public consultation for the draft new Local Plan and Heritage Strategy commenced for a period of 12 weeks from the 5th December 2018 to 28 February 2019.

(iv)         From March to June this year analysis of the consultation responses took place and informal engagement continued.

(v)          In parallel to analysing the responses, technical evidence base is also required to inform the Local Plan with Local Housing Needs Assessment and Gypsy and Travellers Needs Assessment underway.

(vi)         Projecting forward July- December 2019 preparation of the evidence base will continue. There will also be an interim stage of consultation on Infrastructure Projects and Priorities and Integrated Impact Assessment- scoping stage.

(vii)        Vincent explained what these technical pieces of work would entail.

(viii)       Some further details were provided on the consultation which included: a mailout to over 2,500 organisations and groups, launch of an engagement platform called Commonplace, Member sessions, briefings and 1:1s, 5 special area ward forums, 20 special meetings including Green Belt Forum, EREC, CAG and Residents’ Associations, 6 drop-in sessions, 2 Duty to Co-operate sessions as well as bespoke consultation with the Enfield Youth Parliament and colleges.

(ix)         Extensive marketing had taken place before and during the consultation including posters and flyers in libraries, shop windows, GP surgeries and Council buildings. Flyers were handed out, adverts placed in local papers including the ethnic press and other local media publications and platforms. There had been an outdoor poster campaign and an E-Newsletter.

(x)          Catchment had extended to 400,000 people and in total 1,700 were received.

(xi)         Key themes from the consultation included housing growth, affordability, roads, public transport and community infrastructure.

(xii)        Evidence base coming forward will include: Local Housing Needs Assessment (which will define our target for new homes, types and tenures), Strategic Land Availability Assessment (where will homes and jobs go?), Small Sites Capacity Work, SIL Intensification, Colocation and Relocation, Burial and Crematorium needs, Integrated Impact Assessment, CIL review and Reg-123 List Review (to be broader once HIF is announced). May mentioned that this list is not exhaustive and other pieces of work could arise when we analyse the consultation responses.

(xiii)       The next steps of the Local Plan preparation process will be moving towards the next version for 2020.


Following May’s update, the following questions/comments were raised:


Q.        Please explain the Infrastructure Projects and Integrated Impact Assessment?

A.        The Local Plan is a planning framework for the Borough over the next fifteen years. As well as growth, infrastructure needs to sit alongside this. A list of Infrastructure Projects will eventually sit alongside the Local  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



To receive a verbal update from Jessie Lea, Head of Strategic Property Services.


RECEIVED an update from Jessie Lea, Head of Strategic Property Services.




(i)            Whitewebbs Park Golf Course is located at the northern border of Enfield and is a 103 acres, 18 hole golf course with club house and pro shop. The golf course, which does not recover its operating costs, is laid out over undulating parkland, but requires significant investment to bring it back to modern standards. The course has two basic club houses, one of which is dilapidated, a pro shop and a mobile catering concession. There is significant competition, with 19 golf courses within a 20 minutes’ drive from Whitewebbs Park.

(ii)          In 2017, Property Services undertook a marketing exercise to award a lease for Whitewebbs Golf Course. It was stipulated within the marketing offer, that a part golfing use of the site was to be retained.

(iii)         Following a review of the terms of the proposed lease for Whitewebbs Park Golf Course in November 2018, the award of the lease was halted due to identification of key issues. The key issues which were considered not to be in the Council’s best interests were:

·         The length of the proposed lease;

·         The type of use proposed in terms of long-term viability;

·         Likelihood of planning consent being granted.

(iv)         In view of the above a new marketing exercise has been undertaken to award a lease for Whitewebbs Park Gold Course. To maximise the level of commercial interest in Whitewebbs, the Council will not restrict bidders to golfing use only of the site but will encourage a creative response to the opportunity, which will provide both a financial outcome for the Council and be beneficial for the local community.

(v)          Evaluation of the bids received will be undertaken by the internal team comprising of officers from Commercial, Property and Planning, to optimise the delivery against wider Corporate Objectives and in compliance with s.123 of the Local Government Act 1972.

(vi)         The evaluation criteria will take into account financial returns as well as economic, social and environmental well-being criteria, to obtain the optimum result for the Council and the local community.

(vii)        The key aim is to ensure public access is maintained as well as increasing use. The Council is therefore looking for a partner to take on the lease and invest in the site thereby helping to keep this green space sustainable and open for public use.

(viii)       The Council are consulting with the Friends of Whitewebbs Park throughout this project, to ensure that park users views are represented and the best outcomes for local people are achieved. Some great ideas for the site have been put forward. These include adventure golf, zorbing, archery, climbing and target shooting to name but a few.


Following Jessie’s update the following questions/issues were raised:


Q.        Given that the roads around Whitewebbs are narrow and rural, is it not foolish to encourage any extra traffic?

A.        Any plans that come forward will have to go through the full strategy planning process. Therefore, issues  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.



To agree the minutes of the meeting held on 29 January 2019.


AGREED the minutes of the meeting held on the 29th January 2019.




Informal Footpath from Rammey Marsh Open Space to New Ford Road (Waltham Cross)


A resident asked for an update on the latest position with the above item. He said that he had suggested a meeting with Council Officers, The Lea Valley Regional Park Authority and Hertfordshire Countryside Management to progress matters, but to date this had not occurred.


*Post Meeting Note*


Response received from Dominic Millen, Group Leader, Transport, Planning & Policy:


‘The Rammey Marsh – New Ford footpath already has surface material but is not signed. Given this is an informal path, which the Council is not responsible for signing or mapping, and there are currently other priorities to be addressed, this is a low priority. However, given that there is some interest in this link, the Council will look at this as resources allow, which realistically means late 2019 at the earliest.


Provision of Pavement along Cattlegate Road between Crews Hill Golf Club and M25 over bridge by Cattlegate Farm


A resident raised the above item and felt that this is a missing link in Enfield’s footpaths network. The public footpath across Crews Hill Gold Course deposits pedestrians on Cattlegate Road without a pavement. For those heading out further into the countryside a half mile walk along Cattlegate Road to the M25 over bridge is necessary. Cattlegate Road is nowadays busy with fast moving traffic. This is fraught with danger and the provision of a pavement along half a mile of Cattlegate Road would greatly improve pedestrian safety.

It was understood that the Mayor for London has some funding, ‘Green Capital Grants’ specifically to improve public access to green space across the capital. It was therefore asked if Officers could explore the possibility of securing some funding to bring about the necessary improvements.


*Post Meeting Note*


Response received from Dominic Millen, Group Leader, Transport, Planning & Policy:


‘Providing a footpath along Cattlegate Road will require additional investigation, although it is likely to be costly because of the length of footway required and challenging due to the presence of a drainage ditch. There would also need to be a crossing point provided because the only available public highway is on the north of Cattlegate Road. Whilst the Council does not have funding to undertake feasibility work at this time, assuming this is a
well-used route, it can be added to our schemes for further development.



To discuss suggestions for future meetings.


Suggestions for future meetings were agreed as follows:


·         Environmental Enforcement Action in the Green Belt.

·         Update on Strategic Review of and disposal of Council land and assets.

·         Ivy presentation.

·         Terms of Reference of the Green Belt Forum – to review the TOR to include quarterly meeting dates and to widen the remit of the Forum to include environmental issues.



To note the date of the next meeting as follows:


Wednesday 15 January 2020.



NOTED that the date of the next meeting was scheduled in the Council calendar for Wednesday 15 January 2020.


However, Members and residents requested quarterly meetings of this Forum as had previously been the case. It was therefore agreed that the next meeting would take place in October 2019. A date would be notified as soon as possible.


Action: Stacey Gilmour, Governance & Scrutiny Officer