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The Chair, Cllr Brett  welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the Officers in attendance. 



Members of the Council are invited to identify any disclosable pecuniary, other pecuniary or non-pecuniary interests relevant to items on the agenda.


There were no declarations of interest in respect of items on the agenda.




To receive a presentation from Matthew Watts, Parks Business Strategy & Partnerships Manager, Regeneration & Environment.


RECEIVED: A presentation from Matthew Watts, Parks and Business Strategy and Partnerships Manager.



(i)    That the draft strategy is still available to comment upon, with the closing date of the consultation period being 10th April.

(ii)  It is planned to have the new strategy ready for this summer.

(iii) Having reviewed the previous Parks Strategy, the new document will seek to align events with wider council strategies including, Leisure and Culture and Health and Well-being.

(iv) Learning from issues at previous events will be used to inform the new strategy.

(v)  The strategy will include proposals to streamline the licensing application process (currently 2 stages)

(vi) The engagement of stakeholders is key to developing the document and this has included 2 stakeholder workshops at which 25 people attended; 8 week on-line consultation generating 314 responses and doorstep interviews with 29 residents.

(vii)  It was felt that the range of ages captured in the consultation represented a very good cross-section of park users.

(viii) There are a series of over-arching, guiding principles in the draft strategy which will provide clarity for local residents, parks users and event organisers in relation to events. The size, frequency and number of events have been reviewed and in addition there are new guidelines relating to the use of Town and Village Greens. Also, the introduction of a new charging structure will include fines for organisers who overrun and an environmental impact fee.

(ix) Consultation identified there was support for introducing an additional category of ‘major event’ and also support for implementing a cap on the number of such events. Nearly half of the respondents indicated that 4-8 such events would be preferable, so this will be reflected in the strategy.

(x)  Following the end of the consultation period, it is planned to take the final draft strategy to Cabinet in May. 


Following the presentation, comments and questions were raised including:


Q. Was the consultation widely publicised?

A. Through Friends of Parks Groups and residents associations and statistically, the response was representative.


A comment was made that as the events grow over a number of years, we could be looking at setting a cap on numbers of possibly 20,000, has this been considered? The Chair then asked that the Parks Team consider this issue.


Q. Different types of events such as the 51st State music festival or the Bear Grylls event produce a different type of crowd flow with either all arriving and leaving at specific times or a constant flow in and out all day. How is this approached?

A. LBE Parks Team will manage disruption so it is at a minimum.


Q. The Chair, Cllr Brett asked if other boroughs are able to access funding from the GLA when hosting large events?

A. Matthew will take this back for further investigation.

                                                                                                ACTION: The Chair asked that this matter be referred to Cllr Alan Sitkin, Cabinet Member for Economic Regeneration and Business Development




Q. With large events such as the Trent Park  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.



To receive an update from Neeru Kareer, Planning Consultant, Regeneration, Leisure & Culture.


RECEIVED: A presentation from Neeru Kareer, Planning Consultant.




  (i).        That the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) details 5 purposes for land within the Green Belt. They are; check unrestricted sprawl; prevent neighbouring towns merging; assist in safeguarding the countryside from encroachment; preserve the setting and character of historic towns and assist in urban regeneration. It was further emphasised that Green Belts should only be altered in exceptional circumstances via the Local Plan process.

 (ii).        The review will be in 2 stages. The first part will include a strategic assessment of the Green Belt against the 5 purposes noted above. The second stage will include a detailed assessment of broad locations to identify least harm.

(iii).        Parcels of land have been identified which follow the path of natural features or building plot lines and as part of the review process, will be measured to identify performance against purpose. The Council are able to call upon technical experts with considerable depth of experience during the review process.


Following the presentation, comments and questions were raised including:


Q. Are the Terms of Reference of the review available?

A. They are and will be circulated to all residents on the Green Belt Forum mailing list.

                                    ACTION: Neeru Kareer/Stacey Gilmour


Q. Is the review document available to the public.

A. Not yet, as it is currently in draft form. However, it is envisaged that it will be completed in line with the Local Plan review later in the year. 


Q. A Green Belt Boundary review was undertaken in 2013. Why is there a need to do this again as the Boundary Review also used the NPPF guidelines?

A. This is a more in depth review, looking at individual parcels of land.


In response to a comment about the period of time that the Green Belt review will be used for, it was confirmed it would be 15 years, in line with the Local Plan, but will be under constant review.


A resident commented that several of the nurseries at Crews Hill are owned by property development companies who are waiting for an opportunity to build on the land. Another resident noted that giving planning permission in the Green Belt sets a precedent, so we must be very careful.


The Chair commented that with the increased projections of population growth, farming would be excellent use of green belt land.


A resident asked if pollution from the M25 and A10 is taken into account within the terms of the review and it was confirmed that as the Local Plan policies are developed, environmental issues are included.


In concluding this item, the Chair requested that consideration be given to updating the bio-diversity review.



To receive a verbal update from Tony Pierce, Interim Head of Projects, Strategic Policy & Design.


Tony Pierce, Interim Head of Projects, Strategic Policy & Design, provided a progress update on the Local Plan Review.



(i)    That an issues and options draft will be approved in July, with public consultation taking place in September/October.

(ii)  Employment and housing will be included, especially with the ever increasing pressures on Local Authorities and considering the recent and current trends which are the basis of population forecasts.

(iii) The Local Plan will cover a period of 15 years, however it is envisaged that during that time, the population of Enfield will increase to a size similar to the cities of Cambridge or Peterborough.

(iv) To cope with this increase, Enfield will need to build 2,300 homes per annum and the planning stages for such development must start now.

(v)  The GLA give strong support for Local Plans to include intensification areas which are areas with good existing or potential public transport links and can support redevelopment at higher than existing densities. Within Enfield these sites could include Enfield Town, Enfield Chase, New Southgate and sites along the Piccadilly Line.

(vi) By the mid- 2030s, Cross Rail 2 will transform the eastern industrial area of Enfield.


Following Tony’s update the following questions and comments were received:


Q. Cross Rail 2 will potentially see industry make way for housing. Where will this industry go?          

A. As an example, 24 waste facilities will need to be re-located. A radical solution would be to place housing on top of industrial units.           


Q.How will Thames Water cope with their ageing infrastructure?     

A. The difficulty will be funding and in addition, the phasing and timing of any upgrades will be critical.


The Chair reiterated how important the involvement of Thames Water will be.


In response to a question on the numbers of homes already planned to be built, it was confirmed that Meridian Water would be able to subsume some of the required numbers for housing stock, however, it is likely that intensification will be needed.


A comment was made about the availability of brown-field sites for housing developments and the amount of ‘dead-space’ which is only being used for storage. In response, it was noted that the Planning Department would give options on potential land use, allowing Members and the public to inform decisions. Specifically in relation to dead-space on brown-field sites, a survey will be undertaken to identify issues.


A resident commented that nothing discussed this evening was sustainable and doubted if the council would meet their commitment. In response, there would need to be an honest and open debate to ensure success and there will be an opportunity for the public to join the debate over the summer.


Another resident commented that the Local Plan needs to consider areas of Enfield that have previously been subjected to flooding.


The Chair concluded this item by asking that a meeting be held of all the interested parties who would influence the Local Plan.              


Action: Cllr Brett/ Tony Pierce/ Neeru Kareer/Stacey Gilmour



To agree the minutes of the last meeting held on 13 October 2016.


AGREED the minutes of the meeting held on 13 October 2016.



To receive an update on matters arising from the last meeting on 13 October 2016.


(i)            A resident asked what was happening with the ruins of Sloemans Farm, Whitewebbs Road, which was recently destroyed by fire. Another resident enquired about North Lodge Cottages which are currently in a poor state of repair.


It was agreed to request Officers from Property Services to provide a written update on Sloemans Farm and North Lodge Cottages, which will be circulated to all on the mailing list.

Action: Stacey Gilmour


(ii)          Agility courses for dogs remain a work in progress.


(iii)         Thames Water were unable to attend this meeting, however, they will be informed of future dates, once confirmed.

Action: Stacey Gilmour



To discuss suggestions for future meetings


RECEIVED the following suggestions for future meetings:


(i)            M25/A10 Improvements  ( 1st meeting of new year)

(ii)          Future of Whitewebbs Golf Course (1st meeting of new year)

(iii)         Invite a representative from Thames Water to discuss the current sewage system in Enfield and how this would cope with any future developments.



Dates of future meetings will be agreed following the meeting of Annual Council on 10 May 2017.


Dates of future meetings will be agreed following the meeting of Annual Council on 10 May 2017.