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To receive a report from Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety.


RECEIVED a report from Andrea Clemons, Head of Community Safety,




(i)              Anti-Social Behaviour calls (-14.2%), Burglary (-8.6%), Theft of Motor Vehicles (-18.4%) and Serious Acquisitive Crime (-3.3%) are all currently experiencing reductions in the rolling 12-months to 14th December 2015;

(ii)             Overall, MOPAC seven recorded crime categories are experiencing a -2.9% decrease in the rolling 12 months to date;

(iii)            There has been a large increase in Police referrals to MARAC (Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference). This is partially due to improvements to the systems through which referrals are made;

(iv)           A significant increase in recorded knife injuries has been noted across the borough since mid-2014, with some short term reductions;

(v)            Five of the seven MOPAC indicators are currently experiencing in the 12-months rolling (Criminal Damage +2.4%, Robbery +18.5%, Theft from M/V +2.0%, Theft from Person +0.9% and Violence with Injury +3.3%);

(vi)           A detailed table was provided showing the performance overview for MOPAC 7 and SSCB Priorities;

(vii)          A London Borough Ranking Table was also looked at, showing MOPAC 7 and total notifiable offences percentage changes;

(viii)        Further information and figures were provided for Serious Acquisitive Crime (SAC), which includes Robbery, Vehicle Crime and Burglary;

(ix)           Information and figures were also provided on Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) and Serious Youth Violence. The last Domestic Abuse Strategic Sub-group (DASG) performance framework was updated in November 2015 and the summary headlines of this were discussed;

(x)            Recorded Serious Youth Violence in Enfield has experienced an increase of +5.7% over the past 12 months. During the same period London has recorded at +6.1% increase;

(xi)           Haringey are experiencing larger increases in gang violence, however Enfield has a similar number of serious youth violence victims.


The following questions/comments were raised:


·       With regards to Enfield’s burglary figures Andrea explained that the borough has a much higher housing stock than other boroughs, hence why there is a difference in figures;

·       Andrea advised that Enfield’s Serious Youth Violence figures had become more in line with London as an average. This was largely due to additional Police presence and stronger working with partnerships;

·       Some crimes had taken place right on the Enfield and Haringey border, which consequently reflected in the figures. The aim was to develop an Action Plan to address look at ways of monitoring activity on the Enfield and Haringey border;

·       Councillor Maguire asked for further explanation of the Hate Crime figures, detailed in Table 1 of the report. Andrea explained that there had been 310 recorded Hate Crimes in the last 12 months. Enfield had experienced a 10.7% increase in reports but this was half of the MPS increase. Andrea advised that Enfield have an active Hate Crime Forum and also monitor this issue through the Faith Forum and EREC;

·       The question was raised as to whether there had been an increase in reports of Islamophobia due to the recent Paris attacks and other world-wide events. Andrea advised that Enfield had not seen an increase and reports were in fact the second lowest in the MET;

·       Councillor Maguire questioned the Knife Crime figures and was interested to know how arrest rates and cleaning up rates were gauged. Andrea said that these figures could be provided by the Youth Offending Team. She explained that the general observation was showing that younger people were committing slightly more serious offences with slightly more chance of going onto custody. Therefore a lot of work involved keeping young people out of the youth offending system. Andrea said she would be happy to bring some Youth Offending figures to a future meeting.

Action: Andrea Clemons


·       Superintendent Robinson provided an update on Operation Omega and spoke about the successes that had been seen as a result of this Operation;

·       Clarification was provided on the new Knife Crime law that was now in force nationally;

·       Discussions took place about some recent trouble between Chace Community and Enfield Grammar Schools. Andrea explained that this was a situation that had escalated following a dispute between two individuals. The Schools had been spoken to and those involved dealt with accordingly. A dispersal order had also been issued from 2.30pm of this afternoon, which would remain in place for 24 hours then reviewed;

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