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To receive an update from Bindi Nagra (AD Strategy & Resources) and Doug Wilson (Head of Strategy & Commissioning).


Bindi Nagra, Acting Director of HHASC, and Doug Wilson, Head of Strategy & Commissioning, provided an update on Adult Social Care Performance using the quarterly performance monitor. The report uses a traffic light system to show how well each section is doing.


They acknowledged the significant challenges that the Council and NHS have, and will continue to face, and that the large amount of positive information in the Quarterly Report was due to the hard work of the staff. Enfield has been a leader within the other London boroughs in providing people with care and enabling them to live independently which is reflected in the report.


An area of concern raised was the ability to get people with mental health issues into work and remain in work. Work is being done with the voluntary sector to recommission and improve elements of this service.


Reviews take place after the customer has finished receiving care to assess their needs and see which services are available which may help them. Customers with the most complex needs are prioritised at the start of the municipal year whilst those with less complex needs may be visited later. The figures in the report will never show that 100% of customers receive a review due to changes in their circumstances such as no longer receiving care or dying.


The number of delayed discharges relates to both adult social care and health care providers. The figures provided shows both Enfield Council and NHS results combined.  When a patient enters a hospital, planning needs to be done to secure their arrangements for once they leave.


The figures are higher in health settings as there can be long waits to be assessed and limited numbers of places available in care homes. However, there will always be a level of delay when discharging patients as delays may come from waiting for equipment to arrive or finding out a patient’s home is unsuitable for safe discharge. In some cases, people can see their hospital bed as a safe place and because of this be unwilling to leave.


More residents are requiring carers assessments which is now being dealt with by the Carers Centre. In the past, it has been difficult for social workers to go from assessing the needs of the patient to the carer. Care packages will be available to carers from the council soon.


All services provided by Adult Social Care should enable people and be a preventative service to stop people going or returning to hospital. The Enablement Team help people to regain mobility, receive physio therapy and learn/re-learn skills they need to have independence. With the growth and ageing of the population in Enfield the Enablement Service has doubled the amount of people it sees.


Councillor Cazimoglu informed the Scrutiny Panel and members of the public that Enfield’s Adult Social Care Team had received national recognition for their hard work looking after 900 vulnerable people in the borough.


Members of the Health Scrutiny congratulated and thanked the Adult Social Care for their hardwork.


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