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To receive a submission on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) from Deborah McBeal (Deputy Chief Officer, NHS Enfield CCG).


RECEIVED a submission report on the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) which was submitted to NHS England on 30th June 2016, to be noted by the Health and Wellbeing Board.




Deborah McBeal, Deputy Chief Officer, NHS Enfield CCG) introduced the report to the Board, highlighting the following:


·         The STP covers the Five Year Forward View ambitions to 2020/21 specifically in three key areas:u health and wellbeingv care and quality, and w finance and efficiency in accordance with the NHS England (London) assurance process.


·         The NCL STP Submission was a “plan for a plan” and included:


-       A Case for Change – identifying care and quality gaps in health and wellbeing.

-       The financial position – identifying the finance and efficiency gap and include information about how to start to develop the contribution of the work streams to help close this gap. Currently 13 work streams have been identified within the scope of the NCL STP and they are detailed within the report.

-       The STP programme governance structure which would be reviewed as the programme moved into implementation.

-       Plans for the work that needed to be done to September 2016 to produce the full STP and implementation, with further planning to be done following that date.

-       A Stakeholder communications and engagement plan overview.


·         The NCL STP Transformation Board would provide oversight of the continued development of the NCL STP.



IN RESPONSE the following questions/comments were received:


1.    Deborah Fowler (Healthwatch) asked what the difference was between planning on a place not people basis and was concerned that the voices of the Enfield public were not being heard. She offered support to the CCG from Healthwatch Enfield in planning public engagements. This last was supported by Vivien Giladi (Voluntary Sector) who confirmed that the public were becoming increasing more anxious and sceptical as they were not clear what was happening.  Communication and engagement needed to be significantly improved so that information could be shared in a clear and concise manner, to avoid these concerns. 


2.    Sarah Thompson (CCG Chief Officer) advised that the CCG also had a contribution to this and Simon Stevens (CEO of NHS England) would be hosting a “Plan for a Plan” engagement on the 14th July. The level of further engagement required would be clearer after this event and would be implemented if required.


3.    Andrew Wright (BEH Mental Health NHS Trust) confirmed that a lot of time and energy was being focussed on governance issues initially.


4.    Ray James (Director of Health, Housing & Adult Social Care) confirmed that processes had begun and there will be the opportunity for meaningful co-production in the time ahead, where engagement will be encouraged.  The work streams were constantly developing.  The position of the Health and Wellbeing Board needed to be defined in the process; is it a commentator or a system leader


5.    Shahed Ahmad (Director of Public Health) highlighted the enormity of the plans, involving a number of Trusts, CCG’s and Councils and stressed the time that would be required to sort out the complexity of the huge task ahead.


6.    Mo Abedi (Chair of Enfield CCG) provided assurance that all meetings would be held in a transparent and informative manner.  Solutions to problems identified would be developed through the relevant programmes.  The main purpose shared by all participants was that a patient from Enfield, Barnet, Camden or Islington should receive the same level of care.


7.    Vivien Giladi raised the concern of the public who fear that Camden and Islington Boroughs have significantly more resources than Enfield and money goes to organisations who demonstrate excellence.  Local people need assurance that this will not happen.


8.    The Chair requested that David Sloman (Chief Executive Royal Free London RFL), who is the RFL lead for STP, be invited to a Health & Wellbeing Board development session.  ACTION: Sam Morris


AGREED to note the report.


Supporting documents: