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Comments by officers


Item f.                        With over ninety schools in the borough and limited civil enforcement officers it would not be possible to have continuous patrols at any particular school. The council’s parking contractor (NSL) has been asked to make extra visits to Capel Manor School in September when the school is back open.

Item g.           At the current time, we do not have sufficient resources to undertake further schemes until those ongoing schemes reach their conclusion. Beyond this, new schemes will continue to be taken forward on a priority basis. As part of our ongoing assessments, we continue to liaise with our Waste Services teams. They provide regular updates on areas in which their crews experience the most significant delays or obstructions. We will consider that information when we re-assess further requests to be taken forward as part of our programme later this year.

We do acknowledge that for those concerned there is a wish for their request to be treated as a matter of urgency. This is often put to us when those requests are being made. Regrettably, limited funding and resources restrict the number of requests that can be taken forward at any one time. All requests must be reviewed with a certain level of objectively and not all can be treated as a priority and progressed with the same level of urgency.

Item i.              In terms of the brook, Street Cleaning undertakes periodic litter & waste removal from Turkey Brook.  This includes the area around the Hertford Road Bridge which also suffers fly tipping.

Item k.             It is confirmed that the area adjacent to No 1 Turkey Brook falls within Enfield Parks service for maintenance.  Parks will arrange for the immediate removal of the flytip waste and will also ensure that fence lines are cleared to prevent encroachment onto the pavement. 

Item l.              The area of land to the rear 3 to 5 Turkey Street is not council owned.  If the trees in question are located between the rear fence line and Turkey Brook then the obligation for maintenance is with the property owner.  If the trees are posing a hazard to public safety along foot path 129 from Turkey Street to Waltham Garden then an arboricultural officer can inspect and advise accordingly if required.

Item m.           (Response from Highways Agency).The public consultation for the M25 junction 25 improvement scheme was held from 16 January to 28 February 2017. A letter of invitation to attend the public exhibition events was issued in advance of the consultation period to around 50,000 households. Information was also available on our website, at public libraries and advertised in the Essex Enquirer. When the preferred route announcement was issued on 28 June, that announced we would proceed with Option 2, we did not repeat the above mailout to residents and instead we wrote to all 411 respondents that completed a questionnaire from the public consultation, to inform them of the outcome. Information was again placed on our website, at public libraries and advertised in the Essex Enquirer. A public exhibition will take place in early 2018 and we can of course write directly to these households to inform them of the details nearer the time, if you can please provide the addresses/postcodes to write to.