Agenda item


A presentation to be given at the meeting by Natalie Forrest, Chase Farm Hospital Chief Executive and Director of Nursing.


A Youtube video was shown on the Royal Free London (RFL) model and the link to this was also sent round to all Health Scrutiny members.


A presentation was then given by Natalie Forrest, Chief Executive and Director of Nursing at Chase Farm hospital. The following was highlighted:


·       In 2009 the Royal Free hospital was one of the smallest local hospital services amongst London acute hospitals, with little specialist services. At this time there were major overlaps with UCLH on specialist services.

·       The strategic delivery themes have remained the same since this time and are: strengthen leadership and governance, prioritise depth over breadth in specialist services, build scale and critical mass in local hospital services and transition from standalone hospital model to working with others in a total system provider model

·       The major developments were detailed; in 2010, there was lots of work in partnership with UCLH on specialist services consolidation; 2012 the Royal Free became authorised as a Foundation Trust; 2014 the acquisition of Barnet Chase Farm provided an opportunity to grow and change the way delivered health care and at the end of 2016 the Royal Free Group was accredited.

·       A graph comparing London hospitals based on average cost and quality based on CQC rating detailed the Royal Free London Groups progress and aspirations of where they aspired to be.

·       The focus of the RFL group is; recruiting, developing and retraining the best talent; reducing unwarranted variation in clinical practice; achieving excellent operational and financial performance; delivering clinical and support services at lower cost and higher quality and implementing total system patient pathways.

·       Each hospital within the group has its own Executive Management Team who manages the sites individually.

·       The new Chase Farm Hospital is on target to open in autumn 2018 and will be the newest most digitally advanced hospital in the NHS.

·       The external part of the building is completed; the internal part is still to be finished.

·       The new hospital is funded by three streams; land disposals £72.5m, Department of Health £82m and trust contribution £49.5m

·       The new hospital will continue to provide all services that are currently on site these being; out-patient services including diagnostics, musculoskeletal therapies and women’s services; an urgent care centre for both adults and children; an older persons assessment unit; theatres for day surgery and for patients requiring an overnight stay; 50 surgical in-patient beds and Endoscopy and medical day cases including a chemotherapy unit.

·       The new hospital once open will involve new ways of working across all services will be needed, a change of time of outpatient sessions to – 8am-12noon, 12noon to 4pm and 4-8pm, the theatre will be opening for 12 hours daily on weekdays and there will be co-location and hot-desking over the new site.

·       The Trust will take handover of the new hospital on the 4th June, a three month commissioning period will follow with the new hospital opening in Autumn 2018, work will commence on the new link road in winter 2018 with full project completion including demotion of old building in June 2019.


The following issues and questions were raised:


·       Potential issues were raised on the two schools due to be built on the site and the transport implications to the roads in the area. However, these are planning not health issues so were not discussed any further.

·       Members were reassured that the Dementia and stroke gardens and Highlands Wing will not be demolished.


Q: Members asked how would patients be transferred from the old to the new site?

A: A day will be picked that affects the minimum amount of patients which will mean that less than a handful that will need to be physically transferred over.


Q: Where does North Middlesex University Hospital (NMUH) sit with the group?

A: NMUH is a clinical partner with their own board and executive team. The group is working with them to reduce variation and provide support. The intention is that they will become a full member of the RFL group.


Q: Is there still plans for a GP practice on site?

A: The RFL group is very keen on this and there is available land. However at present there is not enough volume at present for a brand new practice although an existing practice could relocate on site.


Q: As each hospital in the group is a specialist centre in one area what will this be for the Chase Farm site?

A: This will be elective surgery with a focus on orthopaedics; other bodies outside of the RFL group will be encouraged to work on the site.


Natalie offered Councillors the opportunity to visit to the new site; Cllrs Ekechi and Neville were interested in visiting. Susan O’Connell will liaise directly with the councillors and Natalie to arrange.