Agenda item


Toenablemembers of the ConservationAdvisoryGroup to bringup urgentmatters not covered elsewhere on theagenda


11.1      Southgate Office Village


Chris Horner asked if he could receive copies of the minutes from the Design Review Panel.  Andy Higham agreed to action this request with officers.  They should be publicly available. 


A planning panel meeting on this application will be held on 23 January 2020. 


Several representatives from the local conservation groups will be attending and will look to speak at the meeting focussing on different aspects of concern with the application.


11.2      Edmonton Green Shopping Centre


Crosstree is in initial discussions with the Council about their plans for redevelopment of the shopping centre.  It was felt that this was something which CAG should be involved with as it would have an impact on the surrounding conservation areas in Church Street, Fore Street and the Crescent.   Discussions were at a very early stage. 


11.3      Trees on the Lakes Estate


Concern was expressed about the numbers of applications to cut down trees in the conservation area.  It was felt that the Council should take a more proactive line, especially in terms of the climate emergency and the impact of trees on the wider environment and produce some strong guidelines. 


Christian Sheldon, the new tree officer had a robust approach. 


11.4      Cockfosters Station Car Park Development


There was concern about the lack of requirement for an environmental impact statement.  This scheme could come to CAG’s March meeting.  Andy Higham will send out a statement. 


11.5      Oakwood Parade


The restaurant was still proceeding with unauthorised works.  Andy Higham would check with enforcement about the current situation.


11.6      Bollards in the Clay Hill Conservation Area


There was concern about the proliferation of bollards in the area. 


It is understood that Transport for London is considering proposals to introduce a new bus route with fixed bus stops in Clay Hill and on Willow Road. 


Provided there were no bus shelters with advertisements this was permitted development.  It was suggested that Joanne McCartney, GLA Member be contacted to lobby Transport for London. 


11.7      Forty Hill Farm


Members expressed concern about the erosion of the 18th century farm plan at Forty Hall Farm.  This is a management, rather than a Planning issue. 


11.8      Enfield Town Liveable Neighbourhoods Bid


The first approved project will be some public realm improvements in Little Park Gardens.  Another proposal to improve the crossing between the market and the rest of the town was being developed.  Ideas for other projects would be welcomed.  Andrew Newman suggested clearing away high level detritus on the buildings such as old estate agent boards and vegetation growth from the buildings fronting the shopping street. 


11.9      23 Camlet Way (REF: 17/03044/FUL)


Concern was expressed by Robert Wilson regarding the loss of mature tree screening, its impact on the conservation area and Enfield’s interpretation of the condition attached to the planning approval regarding landscaping 


The dialog the local group has had with Enfield, lasting many months, has reached an end.


However, the loss of the mature tree screening and Enfield’s interpretation of its worth has been a cause of considerable angst. The local group wished to alert the wider CAG to be vigilant regarding tree loss in such situations.


11.10   Environmental Impact Statements


Andy Higham agreed to check the decision not to have an environmental impact assessment on recent applications and report back. 


11.11   Public Art Mural Edmonton Theatre


Concern was expressed about the disappearance of this mural.  Christine White agreed to find out what had happened. 


11.12   Kingswood – Cllr Vicki Pite had arranged a joint site visit. 


11.13  Broomfield House – Consultants were drafting the feasibility report.  Mark Bradbury, Director of Property and Economy will be updating councillors on developments.