Agenda item


To receive an update from Mervin Cato, Head of Behaviour Support Services.


In Mervin Cato’s (Head of Behaviour Support Services) absence, Anne Stoker presented an update on the Nexus Project.


The following was highlighted:

  • The Nexus Project is an umbrella name given to co-ordinate multiple projects to connect with young people, parents, schools the community sector, businesses and others to build positive relationships. Core funding for this comes from the council.
  • The primary aim is to reduce exclusions and to try to head off youth violence. Mervin Cato works in the behavioural support team he goes into schools and works with faith groups, parents and others to promote the project. A Family Liaison officer provides additional family support, working with teachers and parents to ensure everyone is working together.
  • One of the aims of the project - to build positive relationships with others and as part of this, faith group members are trained to become ‘Parent Champions’.
  • ‘Heard’ – this is where there is a safe space arena to discuss issues which is hosted by a local celebrity. This has been popular with a local footballer and actors taking part. An event was held on 26 February.
  • There are a number of mentoring schemes – ‘Butterfly’ is one of these which provides 1 to 1 coaching/ mentoring for girls with difficulties.
  • ‘Routes2Success’ – BTEG (Black Training & Enterprise Group) provides a free resource to schools for children and young people from black and ethnic minorities to have trained role model mentors to provide workshops to young people.
  • Mervin Cato was preparing data showing outcomes achieved from the projects undertaken.
  • The Youth Mentoring project is a free mentoring resource for students in secondary schools that are at risk of exclusion – mentors meet with students on a regular basis.
  • Another project – Spark2Life has seen 48 young people from two schools involved.
  • ‘Holler’ is a project where inspirers visit schools and deliver assemblies or focus groups to share their story and inspire the next generation – Justin Cochrane is the founder (Head Coach England’s U15 football team), the Borough Commander has also been involved.
  • ‘Platinum Performing Arts’ uses arts to make a difference to young people providing a platform to tell their story. They have so far seen a total of 210 students from 5 schools.
  • ‘Joe Morris boxing club’ – works with a number of schools. A new build - Ponders End Youth Club is likely to be completed by end of June 2020.
  • CHiPS – Enfield Children & Young person Services (ECYPS) would be relaunching CHiPS – this project features a network of safe havens across Enfield where young and vulnerable people who are lost, at risk or feeling vulnerable are able to go to any CHiPS marked premises to ask for help and assistance.  200 businesses have signed up to this.
  • Working in partnership with ‘Pivotal Education’ and ‘Fearless’ – training for members of staff on managing behaviour and de escalation of incidents.
  • The presentation indicates the many NEXUS projects Enfield secondary schools are involved with. However, it would appear, some schools are not taking advantage of them. 
  • There has been a drop in the number of exclusions which was welcomed.


The following issues were raised

  • It was asked if Parent Champions were linked to our existing parental engagement project– the Parent Engagement Panel. Action: Anne Stoker/Angela Bent will provide a response for inclusion in the minutes.
  • Reference to the BTEG resource to have trained role model mentors, it was questioned how many trained role model mentors were in place. Anne Stoker thought many were volunteers. Mervin Cato would provide details on this for inclusion in the minutes.  Action: Mervin Cato
  • It was requested that the video for the CHiPS project could be included in the ‘Vulnerability training’ session for members to be held on 6 April 2020. Action: Anne Stoker/ Angela Bent would take this forward.
  • For those schools not taking advantage of the NEXUS projects, it was suggested that the relevant School Governors be contacted and reminded of these opportunities available. Action: Mervin Cato
  • It was noted that there would be funding for a further year for the ‘troubled families’ scheme.


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