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To receive the report of Dudu Sher Arami, Director of Public Health.


Dudu Sher Arami, Director of Public Health, and Alison Asamoah, Communality Food Coordinator, introduced the report and highlighted the key points to note.


1.    There had been an increase in emergency food aid, particularly during the pandemic. The aim was to provide food, as well as support with early help to achieve a more sustainable solution.

2.    A current pilot included plans around development and the impact would be closely monitored.

3.    Food banks were not sustainable in the long term therefore Food Pantries had been introduced. Residents pay small membership fees and use them like a shop. So far feedback had been very positive.  The pantries were currently located in the east of borough, with the 5th panty due to open in Enfield library.


In response the following comments were made by panel members:


1.    The Chair commended the detailed report and the work that was being done.  The Chair asked about data collection and work with other departments.  Alison Asamoah stated that they were currently reliant on organisations feeding back which could prove challenging.  Work was taking place to improve working relationships and data feedback systems.  This did however create some GDPR issues so an external organisation was being considered to collate the data.  It was agreed that it was very important to have the information.  Ade Aderemi stated that data ownership had been a challenge.  An Impact Assessment Model was being considered to track how service users progress and their routes within the service.

2.    All councillors requested copies of the leaflet which they were previously unaware of.

ACTION to forward copies to councillors and provide batches in pigeon holes.

3.    Cllr Yusuf praised the council on it’s fantastic work during the pandemic.  However there were concerns that not residents that needed help were reached; some did not understand vouchers possibly due to language barriers.

Dudu advised that the food alliance was made up of a number of volunteering sector organisations who help to share information, however more work could be done to reach communities and any suggestions would be welcomed.

Ade stated that there were multiple referral pathways and lots of information on the council website.  A promotional video was shared with the panel.

4.    Cllr Aksanoglu felt this was a great initiative but needs to be better promoted. Councillors were happy to help in any way they can.  Cllr Aksanoglu asked which data was used to determine the locations of the food pantries and then the impact once they were open.  Dudu commented that the improvement works to data collation would help evaluate the impact.  The locations were determined by a variety of data sources alongside an appropriate venue.

Alison stated that the biggest demand was in the east of the borough however a pantry in the town would give support to those living closer to that area.

Ade added that some funding from the CCG had been secured to research demographics and the detailed needs of residents.

5.    Cllr Greer asked whether the amounts members pay was means tested and could the promotional video be incorporated into ward forums. It was agreed to all work together to improve promotion.

Members were given tokens with values and could buy whatever they wanted. The local ASDA had been very good with donations. It was a weekly membership.

6.    Cllr Hockney asked how the household support grant was going to be used.  Ade stated it would be used for schools, children and energy bills. 

ACTION Dudu to obtain more details.

As it was near to the school holidays there were concerns about the pressures on food banks.  There were measures in place to support this and free school meals would be continuing through the holidays.  Exploring how to communicate with more community groups.

Cllr Hockney reported a personal story where the provision had helped someone and provided fast help.  Thanks were extended to the team.

7.    ACTION all information to be sent to Suzanne Connolly for collation and circulation.


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