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Save our Lollipop Lady

We the undersigned petition the Council to reconsider their decision to drop funding for a school crossing patrol outside Hazelwood Schools, Hazelwood Lane, N13.

From September 2019 our lollipop lady, Jan, will no longer be helping our children cross safely over Hazelwood Lane as they walk to school. Jan is an important and loved member of the Hazelwood School community and she plays an important role in keeping our children safe.

We all know how dangerous some car drivers can be as they rush up and down Hazelwood Lane and a school crossing patrol is instrumental in slowing the traffic and providing a safe crossing. It is very evident on the very few days that Jan is not at work how chaotic the crossing becomes, especially in poor weather when visibility is lower and traffic increases.

We are asking the council to keep the funding for Jan to stay in our community and continue to keep our children safe.

Please further consider that the employment of a much older person in our community provides a great role model for our young children, to let them know that older people have lots to give to a community. It has also been well documented that when elderly people are socialising and have a role to play they are far less likely to have mental health issues.

This Petition ran from 19/05/2019 to 22/08/2019 and has now finished.

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