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No to speeding drivers on Westpole Avenue

We the undersigned petition the Council to stop the excessive speeding on Westpole Avenue by implementing speed humps and as the road is in close proximity to Southgate School, introducing a 20mph speed limit.

Westpole Avenue is a popular residential road for families in close proximity to Southgate School and local amenities in Oakwood and Cockfosters. Many motorists use Westpole Avenue as a convenient short cut and as the road is long and wide, drivers are prone to 'putting their foot down' and speeding as if it's a race track. We have witnessed speeds that belong on the motorway rather than a residential street. The excessive speed on the road means that we are forced to live with the added noise caused by fast drivers which in turn increases pollution. Many residents have had damage to their own cars and properties where drivers have lost control of their vehicles. Over a year ago, a woman was knocked down in Westpole Avenue after leaving a concert in Trent Park by a speeding driver. There is a fear of walking and crossing the road safely as we have to constantly judge how fast the cars are speeding down the road and our quality of life and enjoyment living on Westpole Avenue has been severely diminished.

This Petition runs from 18/01/2020 to 05/12/2020.

204 people have signed this Petition.