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Make Rayleigh Road and Harlow Road one way only to reduce congestion, air pollution and danger to school children

We the undersigned petition the Council to Make Rayleigh Road and Harlow Road N13 one way only in order to reduce congestion of vehicles, air pollution levels and danger to pedestrians and school children.

At certain times of the day Rayleigh Road and Harlow Road N13 are completely congested with the vehicles of parents who are usually dropping off/picking up their children from school. As vehicles are allowed to travel in both directions (but with room for only one vehicle when cars are parked on either side), congestion builds very quickly and very often vehicles are stuck for quite some time whilst engines are running and pedestrians (including young children) are subjected to exhaust fumes and drivers are having to deal with long waits and frustration.

The build up of traffic is also becoming hazardous for pedestrians as on a number of occasions it has been witnessed that children have almost been struck by vehicles either reversing or driving onto the pavement in order to escape the traffic. For the purposes of reducing air pollution/improving our air quality, reducing congestion of vehicles (which will inevitably improve air quality), and providing a safer environment for children and adults who are walking home from school, I propose that Enfield Council make Rayleigh Road and Harlow Road N13 one way only.

This Petition runs from 17/10/2020 to 28/11/2020.

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