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Fox Lane Area Quieter Neighbourhood - remedial action for impact on Wynchgate / Park View

We the undersigned petition the Council to Ask the council to undertake remedial action for the impact of the Low Traffic Neighbourhood on the residents of Wynchgate and Park View.

Since the introduction of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood initiative it has substantially increased the volume of vehicles using Wynchgate / Park View.

It has made the road busier, more polluted, and less safe for; local residents, visitors to Grovelands Park, and those that use the road as a cycle route. We request that Enfield Council take remedial action.

The additional vehicles are using the road as a cut-through, typically having to take a long detour to avoid having to use The Bourne / Bourne Hill and as a result can be driving at speed. The number of reckless drivers on the road has increased markedly and have already damaged stationary vehicles on several occasions.

The introduction of the Fox Lane Quieter Neighbourhood initiative is meant to promote lower traffic, less pollution, fewer 'rat run' drivers, and improve safety. Unfortunately none of these things are true for residents of Wynchgate / Park View who presently appear to be collateral damage.

This Petition runs from 23/01/2021 to 05/03/2021.

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