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Falmer Road - Resident permit parking

We the undersigned petition the Council to support the introduction of a controlled parking zone in our street, which would likely mean falling within an extension of the existing Enfield Town 8am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday zone. We understand that (a) permit costs are currently as indicated below, but are subject to periodic review (b) parking bays would be marked out on the road with associated posts and signs, (c) yellow lines would be marked across all driveways and on street corners, and (d) the CPZ would discourage non-residents from parking in our street, but would not guarantee a parking space outside our house. Enfield Council CPZ Resident Permit Charges per Vehicle from Summer 2016 Engine size-1000cc or less Permit cost £55; Engine size 1001cc to 1600cc Permit cost £110; engine size 1601 cc to 1899cc Permit cost £165; engine size 2000cc to 2488cc Permit cost £220; engine size 2500cc to 2999cc permit cost £275; engine size 3000cc or more, Permit Cost £330 Notes. For zones operating only in the middle of the day

There are no parking restrictions on Falmer road which has no off street parking for residents.

Falmer Road is also in close proximity to Enfield towns shops and train station meaning large numbers of visitors and commuters park on Falmer Road throughout the day.

Subsequently it can be very difficult for residents to find a place to park near their homes.

The lack of parking controls also encourage commuters and visitors to Enfield Town to drive rather than take public transport, walk or cycle. Or for those that need to drive to use the parking available in Enfield Town itself. This contributes to the already high traffic levels in Enfield and poor air quality.

This Petition ran from 03/03/2021 to 09/06/2021 and has now finished.

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