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Say No to One Way Systems

We the undersigned petition the Council to We request that the proposals for the one way systems on Kimberley, Craddock and Mafeking Road are scrapped.

There has been no thought put into the plans of the one way system.
There has been no thought relating to the movement of vehicles on the north side of these streets forcing cars to illegally reverse down the street to get in/out of the north sections.
Electric vehicles will be limited as to how they are charged at home as the vehicle will only be able to face one way and each electric vehicle sockets on the cars are in different locations. Some vehicles will no longer be able to be charged.
More fuel usage to drive around the block to get parked.
Penalising residents and not drivers of the school run.
No trial time has been given to the new cameras on Sketty Road as they have only worked for 3 weeks.
More ugly street furniture on our streets.
Council supporting the school and not the residents.
Sketty Road Cameras should be enough.
No benefit to residents.
More cost to a cash strapped council.

This Petition runs from 12/08/2022 to 31/10/2022.

9 people have signed this Petition.