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Enfield needs fully plant-based catering to reach climate goals

We the undersigned petition the Council to Switch to a plant-based diet as an effective measure to reduce environmental impact. Not only do plant-based diets reduce emissions, they also require 1/4 less fresh water, and 76% less farmland, freeing up areas where forest and other habitats can return, allowing for missing species to come back, thus increase biodiversity. Councils such as Oxfordshire County, Cambridge City, Exeter, Faversham and Hythe have made commitments to serve fully plant-based food at catered council meetings and events. In London, Lewisham has done the same. We need to see Enfield join this initiative. Going fully plant-based will reduce the council’s own emissions to meet their climate goals, and will normalise plant-based eating across the borough.

This is an essential and effective way to address the climate crisis; we need our councillors to prove they embrace their role as leaders and role models.

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This Petition ran from 01/05/2024 to 12/06/2024 and has now finished.

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