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Against the relocation of communal bins on IVY

We the undersigned petition the Council to The communal bins on Ivy Road are in the process of being relocated in an area in close proximity to our flats. The council should consult the residents before such a vital move. We urge the council to carry out a survey and the residents suggest a more appropriate area for the large number of communal bins.

We as residents are very concerned about the current relocation of the communal bins. There has been no consultation period with the residents. The proposed relocation of the large number of bins will be in front of our flats and will cause unnecessary distress due to the unpleasant smell and increase in foxes/pests. It is also unsafe for small children and will affect the aesthetics of the area.If this proposal goes ahead the bins will be a few meters away from some resident windows. It is vital action is taken before the relocation to find a more appropriate and considerate location for the bins.For example more bins can be used in the first car park.

The impact of this poor relocation will be of great inconvenience for the future and cause unhappy residents. The communal bins are used by many residents on Ivy Road and it is without doubt the foul smell from the bins and the abundance of flies will further exacerbate this problem, making it impossible for us to open our windows without subjecting ourselves to an unpleasant environment. You will appreciate this will be extremely problematic in the summer months.

By signing this petition, you are supporting a cause that aims not only at improving our immediate surroundings but also at enhancing our overall quality of life on Ivy Road.

Please sign this petition for the local authorities to understand how important it is for us residents to live in an environment that promotes well-being, social connection, and pride in our community. Let's work towards the relocation of these bins to a more safe and appropriate area.

Please sign this petition and join us in urging the relevant authorities to take immediate action and halt the relocation of the bins and consult the residents!

Together, we can make a difference!

Thank you for your support.

Resident on Ivy road

This Petition runs from 22/05/2024 to 01/09/2024.

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