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KD 3773 Estate Renewal Leaseholder Framework Report

Meeting: 22/01/2014 - Cabinet (Item 8)

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A report from the Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care is attached. This sets out the proposed estate renewal leaseholder framework. (Key decision – reference number 3773)

(Report No.163)

(8.30 – 8.35 pm)


Councillor Ahmet Oykener (Cabinet Member for Housing) introduced the report of the Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care (No.163) seeking agreement to the Estate Renewal Leaseholder Framework.




1.               That the report considered the impact upon leaseholders across estate renewal sites. It set out the principles which would govern how the Council re-purchases leaseholders on these estates and future estate renewal projects as detailed in the report.


2.               The following set of four principles which would govern the approach to leaseholders across all existing and future estate renewal sites (section 4.6 of the report referred):


(a)  When purchasing a property that is comparable leaseholders should not be financially disadvantaged.

(b)  Provide an opportunity for resident leaseholders to remain in the regeneration area.

(c)  Provide resident leaseholders with a fair choice.

(d)  Encourage resident leaseholders to exercise financial responsibility and have access to independent financial advice.


3.               That the report set out how the proposals aligned with the Council’s corporate objectives. Members had listened to the views previously expressed by leaseholders. The framework would ensure fairness for all leaseholders.


4.               The estate renewal projects were aimed at revitalising communities and ensuring that local residents benefitted from the developments.


Alternative Options Considered: There was no statutory requirement for the Council to extend the offer to leaseholders beyond the statutory minimum offer described in the report. The alternative option was therefore to restrict the offer to leaseholders to the statutory minimum. The report explains that improving the range of options available to resident leaseholders ensure greater compliance with the Council’s corporate objectives.


A second alternative option was to increase the options available to non-resident leaseholders. This would invariably necessitate a public subsidy of investors and could not be justified as a good use of public resources.


DECISION: The Cabinet


1.               Approved the guiding set of leaseholder principles included in paragraph 4.6 of the report.


2.               Noted the intention for each estate renewal project to have an individual leaseholder booklet which would all be governed by the same principles.


3.               Agreed to delegate to the Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care and the Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services the authority to approve the estate specific leaseholder booklets.


4.               Agreed to establish an Exceptions Panel, as set out in paragraph 4.11 of the report, and to delegate to the Assistant Director of Council Housing, the Assistant Director of Community Housing Services and the Assistant Director of Property Services the authority to make decisions on the Exceptions Panel in accordance with the financial limits prescribed in the respective schemes of delegation.


Reason: To be fully aligned with the Council’s strategic priorities.

(Key decision – reference number 3773)