Councillor Conduct

Enfield Council believes that promoting high ethical standards is the key to good governance and to maintaining public confidence in local democracy.

All Councillors are bound by a code of conduct, which they sign up to when they take office. This is to ensure that they adhere to high ethical standards of behaviour. The Code of Conduct is based on the following principles.

Declaration of Interests

Councillors have to register all disclosable pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests in the Council's Register of Interests. Interests also apply to their spouses, partners, civil partners or persons with whom they have a close association or personal relationship. Gifts and hospitality of more than £25 also have to be declared. Information on the declared interests of every Councillor can be found by clicking on each Councillor's Profile

Monitoring Officer

The Council's Monitoring Officer is responsible for overseeing the maintenance of high standards of councillor conduct. They work closely with both the Council's Councillor Conduct Comittee, set up to look after councillor conduct matters, and Independent Persons employed to provide advice and guidance on ethical issues

Independent Persons

Enfield has two Independent Persons (IP): One of which is Joan Mansfield. Their role is to make sure that the council promotes and maintains high standards of councillor conduct. They also provide independent support, advice and guidance to the Monitoring Officer and individual councillors.

The Council has a Protocol which sets out the relationships between the Independent Person and the various parts of the local authority involved in the process of handling councillor conduct complaints and the wider promotion of standards.

Complaints against Councillors

Complaints against Councillors are considered firstly by the Monitoring Officer and may then be referred on to the

Complaints against Councillors are considered firstly by the Monitoring Officer and may then be referred on to the Councillor Conduct Committee for determination.

You can find more details in the links below:

If you wish to make a complaint about a councillor, download, complete and return this Complaints Form to:

Terry Osborne - Monitoring Officer
PO Box 54, Civic Centre
Silver Street, Enfield, Middlesex, EN1 1QG

or send it via email -

If you wish to appeal against a Monitoring Officer decision use this Appeal Form.