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KD 3989 Disposals - Tranche 6

Meeting: 20/01/2016 - Cabinet (Item 8)

8 Asset Management - Potential Disposal of Council Owned Properties - Tranche 6 pdf icon PDF 157 KB

A report from the Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services is attached. This seeks approval in principle to the sale of various Council properties, as listed in the report. (Key decision – reference number 3989)

(Report No.152)

(8.30 – 8.35 pm)

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Councillor Andrew Stafford (Cabinet Member for Finance and Efficiency) introduced the report of the Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services (No.152) seeking approval in principle to the sale of various Council properties listed in the report for the reasons outlined.




1.               That a plan was circulated at the meeting illustrating the location of the proposed disposals across the Borough. The report set out 8 potential disposals, 6 within the Borough and 2 out of borough. Robust tests had been applied to identify the properties as now surplus to the Council’s requirements.


2.               That the proceeds from the sales would be used to offset the borrowing requirements of the Council’s capital programme.


Alternative Options Considered: Retention of property without regular review was clearly not in the Council’s business interests. If property was not disposed of, it would cause a reduction in capital spending or increased borrowing. However evaluation of individual cases might result in retention being the better option.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed


1.               That approval be given in principle to the disposal of those properties listed in the Appendix to the report.


2.               To delegate the method of sale and the approval of provisionally agreed terms of sale to the Cabinet Member for Finance and Efficiency in consultation with the Director of Finance, Resources and Customer Services.


Reason: Potential disposal of the properties was recommended as being in the Council’s best financial interests balanced against service and community needs.

(Key decision – reference number 3989)