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KD 4272 Housing Development & Estate Renewal Programme Report

Meeting: 15/03/2017 - Cabinet (Item 10)

10 Housing Development and Estate Renewal Programme Report (Edmonton Futures) pdf icon PDF 344 KB

A report from the Executive Director of Regeneration and Environment is attached (Report No.224, agenda part two also refers). (Key decision – reference number 4272)

(Report No.220)

(8.40 – 8.45 pm)

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Councillor Ahmet Oykener (Cabinet Member for Housing and Housing Regeneration) introduced the report of the Executive Director – Regeneration and Environment (No. 220) updating members on the progress of the estate renewal programme.




1.               That Report No.224 also referred as detailed in Minute No.20 below.


2.               That the report updated Members on the progress of the estate renewal programme, as detailed in the report. The report focused on the programme of further estate renewal schemes for 2016-2025 and to prioritise key estates.


Alternative Options Considered: NOTED, that the report gave Cabinet the option of supporting proposals to progress the key selected schemes. The estates had been carefully selected as ones offering the greatest potential and need for regeneration. During the next stage of consultation and feasibility alternative options for the estates would be considered, however these are limited, as set out in paragraph 4.2 of the report.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed to note the report and recent project progress and agreed to approve the following:


1.               The appointment of a feasibility architect and Resident Engagement consultants and other supporting consultants (for example, Structural and Highways engineers, planning consultants, landscape architects etc.).


2.               The progression of work on two key named Housing Zone schemes; Upton and Raynham and Joyce and Snells. This would involve starting a comprehensive resident engagement process at Joyce and Snells estate to consider all possible regeneration options and implications for all stakeholders.


3.               That project officers work with planning officers to consider the potential for an Area Action Plan to establish planning objectives.


4.               That further estate regeneration feasibilities be deferred for the time being to focus on the selected named estates.


Reason: The report recommended a next phase of estate renewal schemes so that the Council could deliver: better condition housing stock; improved housing estates, retail and other facilities; contribute to meeting London Mayor and Council house building targets; increased net housing stock; the Council’s responsibilities and duties to provide accommodation for those that need it and those that choose to live in Enfield; better economic and social outcomes for the borough’s residents; improved energy efficiency by potentially connecting to the Lee Valley Heat Network; an estate renewal programme that could be delivered on an overall cost neutral basis that was affordable to the Council, particularly over the next five years. 

(Key decision – reference number 4272)