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Annual Public Heath Report

Meeting: 05/10/2016 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 10)

10 Diabetes in Enfield Annual Public Health Report pdf icon PDF 12 MB

To receive for information a report from Gosaye Fida (Senior Public Health Strategist) published in August 2016.

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RECEIVED the Diabetes in Enfield Annual Public Health Report.




1.    Dr Tha Han (Public Health Consultant) introduced the report and thanked all those involved for their contributions.

2.    The report summarised every aspect of diabetes, and highlighted that much diabetes could be preventable, and that there was a very clear relationship between the incidence of diabetes and obesity.

3.    Dr Tha Han invited any questions to be emailed to him at

4.    Councillor Fonyonga also recorded thanks to Miho Yoshizaki (Health Intelligence Manager, Public Health) for this high quality report.