Issue - meetings


Meeting: 10/10/2018 - Safer Neighbourhood Board (Item 347)


To receive an update from Superintendent Nigel Brookes




There are five main areas that are changing in neighbourhoods

·       DWO’s will be free from abstractions; aid, back filling and assigned investigations

·       A Partnership & Prevention hub to drive, support and coordinate the activity of the Neighbourhood strand

·       Schools and youth officers will increase across the BCU with a greater focus on youth engagement

·       Greater autonomy and delegated authority for officers

What is NOT changing

·       Neighbourhood Policing being the bedrock of the MPS Policing strategy

·       Crime, problem solving and engagement being the main focus of Neighbourhood Policing.


Reasons for changes


·       Reinvigoration of Neighbourhood policing with a more personal approach to crime prevention, with more emphasis on activating community engagement & social responsibility

·       Increased digital engagement via social media and new MPS website

·       Greater resourcing in relation to intelligence gathering, problem solving and co-ordination of local issues with the introduction of Partnership & Prevention Hubs that will co-ordinate and develop a response to emerging issues in conjunction with the ward officers

·       Greater devolved decision making to front line officers, allowing more appropriate and faster operational decisions to be made

·       Youth Based policing to support vulnerable young people in educational establishments and other settings, providing early intervention and diversion.


Who will make up the Neighbourhoods Team



·       A dedicated Superintendent solely responsible for strategic direction of Neighbourhood policing and partnerships across each BCU supported by a Chief Inspector

·       Each borough will have a Neighbourhood Inspector and each BCU a Partnership Inspector. North Area has also bid for an Inspector to oversee the Schools & Youth portfolio

·       The number of Sergeants will be based on a 1:10 (PS to PC/PCSO) supervision ratio.


Ward Based Policing

·       2 DWOs and 1 DW PCSO on every ward in London supported by additional DWOs on high demand wards and flexible tasking team to meet changing demand

·       SNTs will consist solely of officers ring-fenced to a ward, increasing the time spent within their communities. They will not be used for other duties except for Notting Hill Carnival, New Year’s Eve and major incidents

·       They will be located on or near their ward in police buildings or new hubs in partner locations.


Schools and Youth

·       Supporting London’s growing youth population, every BCU will have an increased number of officers working with schools, other educational establishments and youth groups as well as coordinating the Volunteer Police Cadet programme.


Partnership and Prevention

·       Every BCU will have a Partnership & Prevention Hub co-ordinating prevention activity, relationship building & problem solving across the BCU.


Meeting: 18/07/2018 - Safer Neighbourhood Board (Item 335)


To receive an update from Superintendent Jenny Barnett.


Unfortunately, it was not possible to ascertain this information for this quarter, statistics for the next meeting will include this quarters as well as next. (Approximately 50 short in both Enfield and Haringey)

Meeting: 28/03/2018 - Safer Neighbourhood Board (Item 322)


To receive an update from Superintendent Jenny Barnett.


Neil Belliny (Chief Inspector) advised that Enfield is 62 officers below where it should be. Detective Constables (DC) a national issue, Detectives also 21% below where it should be.