Issue - meetings


Meeting: 06/12/2018 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 6)


To receive a presentation from Neeru Kareer, Planning Consultant, LBE.


RECEIVED a presentation from Neeru Kareer, Planning Consultant, LB Enfield.


NOTED the presentation highlighted:

  The public consultation on the new Local Plan 2018 to 2036 commenced yesterday, until the end of February, and included different platforms of engagement.

  As the local planning authority, Enfield Council was required to produce a framework about policies to direct future development on how the borough should grow and take shape.

  The Council also wanted to prioritise the public health agenda with proactive policies.

  The challenges included the changing and growing population, and the provision of infrastructure and community services. There was a need to look at policies to address inequalities, and a need to attract the right kind of investment. Effective planning around under-used land, and optimal densities was important.

  Options being consulted on included town centres and areas around stations, existing movement corridors, rules on Green Belt strategy around Crews Hill, and the Council’s portfolio of land.

  All Health and Wellbeing Board members were encouraged to participate in the consultation.


IN RESPONSE comments and questions included:

1.    It was important that new housing development, especially social housing, was as friendly as possible and with health-promoting networks.

2.    It was confirmed there was confidence in the population projections, noting that there was a lot of inward migration.

3.    It was noted that the local economy, poverty and health were all linked, and improvements to the borough economy would be expected to have a positive long-term effect on health and wellbeing.

4.    The right health facilities should be built into planning documents, and environments should be planned to make healthy choices, such as active travel, easier.

5.    The Council could influence training and apprenticeships offered to residents and young people in the borough through new development.