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KD 4851 - Getting to School Policy

Meeting: 12/02/2020 - Cabinet (Item 11)

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A report from the Executive Director – People is attached. (Key decision – reference number 4851)

(Report No.196)

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Councillor Rick Jewell (Cabinet Member for Children’s Services) introduced the report of the Executive Director – People (No.196) presenting for approval the updated Getting to School Policy.




1.            That the updated Getting to School Policy set out how the Council would identify and support those children and young people who needed travel assistance to their school or educational setting and provide it in a consistent, transparent and fair way, working in the best interests of the children and young people.


2.            The key aspects of the Policy as set out in the report. The review had sought to improve efficiency; maximise opportunities for independence through independent travel training; comply with statutory guidance; and, deliver a cost-effective approach to travel assistance.


3.            The eligibility criteria, range of provision, application and appeals process, and key elements of the policy as set out in the report. The Policy was clear, transparent and sustainable. The updated Policy was commended to the Cabinet for approval.


4.            Members expressed their support of independent travel training for the future benefit of the young people involved.


Alternative Options Considered: NOTED, the alternative options that had been considered as detailed in full in section 4 of the report including: to continue implementing the current travel assistance policy; and, the option of introducing a charge for young people post-16.


DECISION: The Cabinet agreed to approve the updated Getting to School Policy for implementation.


Reason: In order to: promote a safe, active and sustainable approach to travel assistance to and from schools or other educational settings; promote the most independent approach to travel assistance; ensure a genuine partnership with children, young people and their parents; to deliver the most cost-effective and environment friendly travel options; and, ensure the policy was compliant with the statutory guidance.

(Key decision – reference number 4851)