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Meeting: 20/06/2019 - Health and Wellbeing Board (Item 6)

6 SECTION 75 AGREEMENT pdf icon PDF 268 KB

To receive the report of the Director of Adult Social Care.



RECEIVED the report of the Director of Health and Adult Social Care.




The introduction by Doug Wilson (Head of Strategy and Service Development), highlighted:

  The Section 75 Agreement was a shared undertaking between NHS Enfield CCG and LB Enfield to pool money together for shared ambitious service. This included the Better Care Fund and other schemes.

  There was promotion of joint working and shared ambitions across the system. A strong commitment to work together was demonstrated, and good achievements had been made year on year.

  Focus was on sustainability and that the health and social care system as a whole should promote independent living and reduce pressure on hospitals.

  There was a strong focus on dementia, and the dementia diagnosis rate had risen.


IN RESPONSE comments and questions were received, including:

1.    The Chair thanked Council officers and the CCG for their work and achievements. Enfield’s Adult Social Care Department was one of the top ten in the country and delivered good care efficiently. Other Cabinet members should be thanked for enabling Enfield to look after the most vulnerable.

2.    The agenda item title should be Section 75 Agreement Better Care Fund.

3.    Dementia diagnosis rates had significantly improved. There was continued improvement of delayed transfer of care from hospital. The good results being achieved were down to the hard work of staff.


AGREED that Health and Wellbeing Board noted the following:

(1)  Arrangements for pooled funding.

(2)  The delegation of formal sign off of the Section 75 Agreement between NHS Enfield CCG and the Council to the Director of Health and Adult Social Care as the approved statutory DASS (Director of Adult Social Services).

(3)  The Director for Adult Social Care, in agreement with the Director of the CCG, to make minor amendments throughout the year to the schemes and funding arrangements to reflect any change in circumstances.

(4)  That the Section 75 Agreement must be in a form approved by the Director of Law and Governance.