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Meeting: 05/03/2020 - Audit and Risk Management Committee (Item 13.)

13. Draft Internal Audit Plan 20/21 & Internal Audit Charter - 10 Minutes pdf icon PDF 653 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Law & Governance presenting the Draft Internal Audit Plan 20/21 and the Internal Audit Charter.


Meeting: 16/01/2020 - Audit and Risk Management Committee (Item 450)

450 CORPORATE RISK REGISTER - 10 Minutes pdf icon PDF 392 KB

To receive a report from the Director of Law and Governance providing a Corporate Risk Registers update.

(Report No.183)



RECEIVED a report from the Director of Law and Governance, presenting the Corporate Risk Register.




1.    Gemma Young (Head of Internal Audit & Risk Management) presented the report.

2.    As detailed at Point 1 (page 17) of the Executive Summary. The added update to the CR16 – Financial Management is detailed at page 28 of the report at Appendix A.

3.    The following questions, statements and queries raised in response to the report:

a.    In reply to the uptake of Fraud Corruption Training for staff (CR 03 – pages 21-22 of the report), Gemma Young clarified that her team had recently carried out a large programme of training as part of International Fraud Awareness Week (IFAW). Including targeted training i.e. housing officers, exchequer colleagues due to the increase in phishing, fake bank accounts, etc. There was a wide programme of training at present.

b.    Councillor Barry referred to a statement in the Audit Plan regarding alleged or suspected incidents of fraud and that members had not been made aware of these. David Eagles confirmed that information was used in the Audit plan because it is a plan and these is a lot of data involved. BDO focus on and understand that benefits are subject to fraud but BDO look at things that would provide a material issue for the financial statements audit and only major issues give BDO a material concern. Those are not major issues. The level of materiality is £20.2m. Housing is the biggest value audit but even that was a notional value.

c.    Councillor Gunawardena asked for clarification to the description of CR11 – Housing, as detailed at page 25 of the report. Gemma Young clarified that that would be for colleagues in Housing to answer in more detail. The Committee could call housing colleagues to attend the committee to obtain further details.

Councillor Gunawardena asked if the committee can see the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to CR11 – Housing risk to further understand this risk. Fay Hammond clarified that Joanne Drew (Director of Housing & Regeneration) could be asked to attend the committee to talk about the risks in her service area. It was a committee decision whether this is a financial risk or a delivery risk to the council and is significant enough to bring to committee.

It may be better to wait to hear the Housing strategy as work on homelessness was only beginning with workstreams only just being agreed to deliver that. But there was no reason why the Director of Housing & Regeneration could not be invited.

ACTION: Fay Hammond (Acting Executive Director Resources).


AGREED to note the risks recorded in the Corporate Risk Register and to note the addition of risk CR16.