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2021- 22 Annual Counter Fraud Report

Meeting: 29/06/2022 - General Purposes Committee (Item 5)

5 2021- 22 Counter Fraud Annual Report pdf icon PDF 452 KB

The Committee is requested to endorse the work of the Counter Fraud team and to provide feedback on the contents of the report of officers.


The work undertaken by the Counter Fraud team during the year ended 31 March 2022 was presented in terms of outcomes value of frauds prevented, and overpayments raised.


Members expressed the view that with regards to Business Grants it was imperative that work focused on the pre-payment assurance checks and that work be continued despite having been negatively impacted on by the effects of Covid-19, Court hearings which continued to be delayed.


AGREED that the work of the Counter Fraud team be endorsed; and feedback from the Committee on the contents of the report be noted.