Issue - meetings


Meeting: 28/11/2023 - Health & Adult Social Care Scrutiny Panel (Item 4)


To receive the update and presentation from Stephen Wells, Head of Enfield Borough Partnership Programme, Enfield Borough Directorate, NHS North Central London ICB.


Deborah McBeal, Director of Integration, NHS North Central London Integrated Care Board (NCL ICB), introduced the presentation to provide an update to the Panel further to their attendance at the 8 March meeting. The Borough Partnership was of all organisations within Enfield which were part of health and social care provision, including the local authority, hospitals, mental health trust, and the voluntary and community sector.


Stephen Wells, head of the Enfield Borough Partnership Programme highlighted points from the slide presentation. The governance was set out, and the clinical leads, focussing on the Start Well, Live Well and Age Well areas.


There were a number of work streams. It was being ensured that they aligned with the Joint Local Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Work with Healthwatch ensured that focus was on what residents found the most useful. Making best use of resources collectively was key. Further updates on progress would be provided to the Panel.


The most recent area of work was development of a Healthy Community Zone with colleagues in Haringey. The work further to the Fuller report in respect of Practice Neighbourhood Development was also highlighted, for improving care and same day access.


Questions were invited from Members.


In response to queries regarding the data provided, this was put together with partners including Public Health Intelligence and GPs from detailed searching at neighbourhood level. It was confirmed the data is current and gave an accurate insight into needs.


In respect of measuring successful outcomes of projects, evaluation was carried out with all partners and information gathered to assess impacts and build learning. Information was also taken through the Inequalities Delivery Group. NCL ICB had a dedicated team to ensure sustainable funding streams going forward and identify additional monies.


In response to queries regarding GP access, it was confirmed that practices had put in additional actions. Work was ongoing with Healthwatch so residents could have increased understanding of how to access, types of appointments and types of healthcare professionals. The significant pressures and increasing demands on healthcare services were noted. Dr Shakil Alam also raised the estate expansion of GP services, and the primary care access hub put into North Middlesex Hospital, and recruitment and retention of staff. The topic could be brought back to the Panel next year to allow comparisons and contrast to be reported.


Further details were discussed in respect of the case studies quoted in the presentation, and appropriate activities to raise awareness and patient understanding where and when to attend, and how to achieve a reasonable outcome to a request.


The Chair thanked NHS representatives for their attendance and he would make contact in respect of future topics for discussion with the Panel.


The Panel AGREED


1.    To note the Enfield Borough Partnership update.

2.    That further updates would be provided to the Panel in the 2024/25 municipal year.