Agenda and minutes

Safer Neighbourhood Board - Wednesday, 10th October, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Tariq Soomauroo 

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Tim Fellows (Chair) welcomed and introduced the members of the Safer Neighbourhood Board.






Apologies for absence received from Cllr Akpinar, Irene Wilson, Kelly Brown, Tracey Anang, Eddie Frazer, Bambos Charalambous MP, Rasheed Sadegh - Zaden, Neil Billany and Helen Millichap.


Apologies for lateness received from Lorna Logan and Janet Marshall.




There were no declaration of interests.



Tim Fellows (Chair) to present item


The Safer Neighbourhood Panels still have not meet and I am doubtful they ever will again. What do chairs think about this?

Exciting meetings I have participated in this period are: Staying Safe this Summer public meeting held at Community House whish was very well attended. I attended the Hate Crime Executive meeting and chaired the Hate Crime Case Management Panel and the Safer and Stronger Communities Board meeting.

On the 4th of this month LCP2 hosted a talk by the Violent Crime Task Force an New Scotland Yard that was very informative and on Monday I attended the Neighbourhood Community Watch meeting organised by MOPAC at City Hall which wasn’t!

For some reason I have fallen off the mailing list for Crime Scrutiny Panel and only found out about the meeting after the event.

Stop & Search group have not met but will soon, we will have some feedback today.

One inspection was made at the CCTV Monitoring Station in Claverings.

There were three bids we submitted late last year and another bid which was too late. This year’s projected underspend is £13,648. Agreed projects were Enact (Youth Detached Project), Enfield Women’s Centre (Women and Girls in Charge, My Voice and I can Deal With) and finally ECYPS (Proud Schools Outreach).

Vicky Dungate and Janet Marshall advised Stop & Search meeting did not happen, CCTV Centre running smoothly and Carol Shuttle a new member.



To approve the minutes of the meeting on the 18th July 2018.


Minutes from the 28 March 2018 AGREED.


Matters arising:


·       Tim Fellows to email CAPE chairs for an update regarding which capes are functioning and raising awareness for future SNB meetings

·       GDPR Policy – Superintendent Brookes to take up with central data controller

·       Erica Crawshaw asked if more specific information could be provided regarding girls being lured into Coffee shop & Restaurant on Green Lanes

·       Tool now available on the Police Website allows members of the public to report ASB behaviour which is assessed online.




Examination of crime statistics received including:

a)    Recorded Crime

b)    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

c)    Public confidence & Victim Satisfaction

d)    Complaints against Borough Officers/Staff

e)    Stop and Search

f)     Taser Deployment


                                                                                                    (TO FOLLOW)

Additional documents:


Received Crime Statistics attached on the “To Follow Agenda”, please refer to report for further statistics/figures.




·       Total Notifiable Offences in Enfield have increased by 11.1% in the year ending 12th September 2018. In London, there were smaller increases of 3.2% in the same period

·       Residential Burglaries in Enfield have seen a large increase of 29.4% in the year ending 12th September 2018, compared to the previous year. In London, there was a smaller increase of 20.3% in the same period

·       Serious Youth Violence had decreased slightly in Enfield by 0.8%, compared to the same time the previous year. In London, there was a smaller increase of 1.1%

·       Almost half of Knife Crime with Injuries in Enfield were victims under the age of 24 in the year ending 12th September 2018

·       Domestic Abuse Violence with Injury accounted for 11.5% of all Violence Against the person offences in Enfield and just over 1/3 of all Violence with Injury offences

·       ASB (Anti-Social Behaviour) calls have decreased in Enfield in the last year by 6.7%, compared to the previous year.


Serious Youth Violence:


·       There have been 380 Serious Youth Violence offences to the year ending 12th September 2018, compared to 383 the previous year, a decrease of 0.8%. During the same period, London has experienced a small increase of 1.1%, recording 7962 offences, compared to 7878 offences in the previous year

·       Enfield has the 3rd largest youth population in London (ONS Midyear estimate 2017), of which young people aged 10 - 19 years old represent 12.5% of the whole population. This equates to 9 Serious Youth Violence victims per 1000 population aged 10 -19 in the last year, making Enfield the 10th highest in London.


Knife Crime:


·       In the year ending 12th September 2018, Knife Crime had increased by 15.9% in Enfield, compared to the same time last year. Knife Crime in Enfield remains high and is currently above London, which recorded a smaller increase of 8.9% in the same period. However, Knife Crime offences in Enfield have continued to fall since June this year. The proportion of Knife Crime Injury Non-Domestic Abuse victims under 24 years old account for nearly half of all Knife Crime Injury victims in Enfield

·       Since the beginning of this year Knife Injury victims under 24 have remained relatively high recording 9 or above each month to June 2018, with February 2018 recording the most victims. However, since July 2018 numbers have significantly decreased, with July and August recording 5 victims or less.


Violence Against the Person


·       There have been 8152 Violence Against the Person offences in Enfield in the year ending 12th September 2018, compared to 7557 offences the previous year, an increase of 7.9%. In London, there was a greater increase in the same period, recording 257556 offences, compared to 244766 offences in the previous year an increase of 5.2%

·       Knife Possession offences in the year ending 12th September 2018 have decreased in Enfield by 8.2%, compared to the previous year. Across London there  ...  view the full minutes text for item 345.



Nigel Brookes, Superintendent, Lead for Neighbourhood Policing, Haringey & Enfield Boroughs, Metropolitan Police Service to present items.


·         BCU (Basic Command Unit) Merger


·         Haringey and Enfield Serious Youth Violence & Knife Crime Plan




·       Public perception regarding confidence and Satisfaction have been challenging

·       Met police want to reassure residents that police officers are dealing with crimes at a local level to a high standard

·       Confidence and Satisfaction remains challenging across London.




To receive an update from Superintendent Nigel Brookes




There are five main areas that are changing in neighbourhoods

·       DWO’s will be free from abstractions; aid, back filling and assigned investigations

·       A Partnership & Prevention hub to drive, support and coordinate the activity of the Neighbourhood strand

·       Schools and youth officers will increase across the BCU with a greater focus on youth engagement

·       Greater autonomy and delegated authority for officers

What is NOT changing

·       Neighbourhood Policing being the bedrock of the MPS Policing strategy

·       Crime, problem solving and engagement being the main focus of Neighbourhood Policing.


Reasons for changes


·       Reinvigoration of Neighbourhood policing with a more personal approach to crime prevention, with more emphasis on activating community engagement & social responsibility

·       Increased digital engagement via social media and new MPS website

·       Greater resourcing in relation to intelligence gathering, problem solving and co-ordination of local issues with the introduction of Partnership & Prevention Hubs that will co-ordinate and develop a response to emerging issues in conjunction with the ward officers

·       Greater devolved decision making to front line officers, allowing more appropriate and faster operational decisions to be made

·       Youth Based policing to support vulnerable young people in educational establishments and other settings, providing early intervention and diversion.


Who will make up the Neighbourhoods Team



·       A dedicated Superintendent solely responsible for strategic direction of Neighbourhood policing and partnerships across each BCU supported by a Chief Inspector

·       Each borough will have a Neighbourhood Inspector and each BCU a Partnership Inspector. North Area has also bid for an Inspector to oversee the Schools & Youth portfolio

·       The number of Sergeants will be based on a 1:10 (PS to PC/PCSO) supervision ratio.


Ward Based Policing

·       2 DWOs and 1 DW PCSO on every ward in London supported by additional DWOs on high demand wards and flexible tasking team to meet changing demand

·       SNTs will consist solely of officers ring-fenced to a ward, increasing the time spent within their communities. They will not be used for other duties except for Notting Hill Carnival, New Year’s Eve and major incidents

·       They will be located on or near their ward in police buildings or new hubs in partner locations.


Schools and Youth

·       Supporting London’s growing youth population, every BCU will have an increased number of officers working with schools, other educational establishments and youth groups as well as coordinating the Volunteer Police Cadet programme.


Partnership and Prevention

·       Every BCU will have a Partnership & Prevention Hub co-ordinating prevention activity, relationship building & problem solving across the BCU.




To receive an update at the meeting



Haringey & Enfield Serious Violence Reduction Plan 2018/19


·       Reducing opportunities for knife crime by minimising accessibility and availability of bladed weapons by Community weapons sweeps, identifying locations for knife bins in most affected areas and Working with retailers to prevent theft of knives

·       Protecting & educating young people by delivering schools engagement programmes to drive anti-violence message and build trusting relationship between police & young people, Identify & safeguard young people at risk of criminal or sexual exploitation and Develop youth advisory groups to hear the voices of young people more clearly

·       Targeting lawbreakers by Information sharing between agencies, hospitals, transport providers, clear offender management processes through arresting wanted violent offenders and Seek opportunities for preventative measures

·       Offering ways out of crime by Working with criminal justice partners to provide opportunities for young people to access services, training & employment and Supporting the work of organisations providing practical support for young people involved in offending & serious youth violence

·       Standing with communities, neighbourhoods & families against knife crime using community engagement strategies and local policing operations to achieve sustainable reductions in violent crime

·       Supporting victims of violent crime with use of multi-agency safeguarding approach, Links with criminal justice system to support victims through process and Support within the community from local policing teams and partners for victims (Local policing follow up).





Tim Fellow (Chair) invited the Board to decide speakers for the next two meetings.




·       Erica Crawshaw to present item on prostitution

·       Domestic Violence Co-Ordinator to present Item on current works

·       Darren Woods CCTV Manager to an item on current operations.




Dates of next SNB Meeting will be on Thursday 24th January 2019.



Date of the next SNB Meeting will be on Thursday 24th January 2019.


The meeting ended at 9.20pm.