Agenda and minutes

Safer Neighbourhood Board - Thursday, 2nd November, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Conference Room, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Clare Bryant 

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The Chair welcomed everyone to the Board.





Apologies were received from Cllr Chris Bond, Cllr Nick Dines, Tracey Anang, Askin Erozkal and Iain Raphael.





The Executive have been in virtual contact this period, progress has been made on producing a standardised constitution and Agenda for Capes. This is a discussion item on the agenda.


There has been one Gold Group this period shortly after the last meeting.


Sue and I met with Susan Doran the MOPAC liaison to Enfield on the 31st July. It was a very productive meeting and we were able to atlk about our grant bids and how Enfield’s SNB was functioning.


The funding arrived late September for the 4 grants outlined in the minutes and the projects have started. We should have an informal update for you by the next SNB Board meeting.


I attended the Crime Scrutiny Panel meeting last week. How well the Capes are functioning was on the agenda. I propose that we run again the survey that was previously run but no results were seen. This should assist in ascertaining how well Capes are preforming across the wards.


The Chair asked if anyone who attended the consultation regarding the closure of Enfield Town police station and could provide feedback on the event. There had been a good attendance at the event, but whilst many Cape chairs attended there were not many resident attending. It was explained that the front offices are no longer regularly used and the buildings are very expensive to run. The dedicated Ward Officers will have more mobile equipment. It was unclear about the Highway patrol base but talked about smaller bases nearer the wards.


The consultation has closed and the final strategy was sent out to you earlier this week. Hubs will be put in place but locations could not be confirmed at this time. We must monitor what this means for Enfield


Supt Barnett confirmed that whilst the front counter at Enfield Town will close in December the building itself will be in use while Edmonton is refurbished.


The CCTV Monitoring Station Group is awaiting new dates to be arranged.


The Chair advised that normally we would have guest speakers to the meetings, but as there was a couple of discussion items on the agenda there would not be any at this meeting.





To approve the minutes of the meeting on 20th July 2017.


The minutes of the previous meeting were AGREED.



Discussions to be held on the operation and effectiveness of the Neighbourhood Panels.


Discussions were held and it was noted that there was one Inspector in charge of all cluster meetings and this had made it difficult to organise meetings on a regular basis. This had been more difficult lately as the Inspector had been pulled off borough on aid to assist with the various incidents that have taken place in London.


However now that Temp Chief Inspector Neil Billany is in place this should assist and it should be possible to re establish cluster meetings either quarterly or every 6 months.


Those who attend cluster meetings confirmed that they found these very helpful.



To discuss the draft agenda and constitution proposed for all CAPE’s.

Additional documents:


The Chair advised that some Capes had constitution and some did not, but it was felt that it is helpful when recruiting new members as it helped make people aware of what is expected of them.


They were not intended to be prescriptive but were a template for the individual Capes to pick the best parts. Discussions were held around the role of Councillors, MOPAC views on this are clear in that councillors do not have voting rights, they must not lead and may not be the chair. Many Capes find their local councillors very helpful particularly in resolving issues that are not for the police. The Chair asked for all comments to be sent to him.


Discussions were then held around trying to increase memberships of Capes. It was felt that both the DWO’s and the local ward councillors could be ideally placed in this respect given their roles.



Examination of crime statistics received including:

a)    Recorded Crime

b)    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

c)     Public confidence & Victim Satisfaction

d)    Complaints against Borough Officers/ Staff

e)    Stop and Search

f)      Taser Deployment


Examination of crime statistics:

a)    Recorded Crime

The data pack was provided with the agenda papers. Total notifiable offences for the rolling 12 months up to 1 November 2017 was 812,188 and this represented an increase of 6.3%.


Monthly figures had been included within wards and clusters for 15/16 and 16/17. Knife Crime data for under 25 year olds was provided. It was noted that there had been a 30% increase in the rolling 12 months. However the knife crime figures for knife injuries excluding domestic violence showed a smaller 15% increase.


Serious Youth Violence figures were also displayed by ward. The figures for Major serious violence had not been included so would be dispatch separately.


b)    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

ASB figures were received, Jenny confirmed this is the worst week of the year for this with the 31st October being the worst night. Last year there had been over 300 calls made to the police regarding ASB this year this figure had reduced to 160.


Earlier in the year ASB was showing a 25% increase this is now down to 4% in the rolling 12 months. This is a similar pattern across London.


c)     Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

These figures will be sent out separately. Supt Barnett advised that there is not much between the top and bottom places across the Met. For example in some categories we are achieving 83% but are 30 in the Met and 96% for another but 20th in the Met. This is an improving picture in Enfield. Merton is the best achieving borough.


Enfield is using My Investigation and these are the first figures post the implementation of this and it seems to be having a positive impact.


d)    Complaints against Borough Officers/ Staff

There is currently 33 live cases, the average days for cases is 90, we have 10 cases over 80 days and are second in the Met for dealing with complaints in a timely manner. The Met as a whole has 2310 live cases and across East London there are 475 live cases. The use of body worn cameras is helping with this, providing reassurance for both police officers and residents. Members from the stop and Search monitoring group are shortly to view some of this footage.


e)    Stop and Search

Vicky Dungate provided some feedback on the Stop and Search Community Group. This is now meeting regularly. They are looking for more volunteers and would like to broaden the membership. Supt Barnett confirmed that the police will publicise this on Twitter and Facebook.


f)      Taser Deployment

The following relates to the last quarter (July to September)

·       Drawn, 6 times

·       Aimed, 2 times

·       Taser aimed and red dot placed on subject, 10 times

·       Drive stun, 0 times

·       Fired, 3 times



To receive an update from Superintendent, Jenny Barnett. 


The current target establishment is 552. This was previously 554 but 2 counter terrorism officers are now in the main terrorism unit.


The current number is 524 with a variance of almost 30 officers. There are 23 vacancies at Detective constable and there are difficulties with numbers in the role across the Met.


There is now DWO’s and PCSO’s posted to all wards, some will be starting this role throughout the month of December.




To receive an update from Superintendent, Jenny Barnett.


An update had already been provided on MOPAC consultations on public access and a letter had been sent to all Cape Chairs advising the key contact points.


The Operation Autumn nights was now coming to an end and had seen a reduction in ASB. The Be Safe campaign continues around burglary and robbery, this is around prevention measures that people can take.


Moped enabled crime is also being looked at although it was stressed that Enfield does not have the numbers of the issues of other boroughs. There are very few incidents but the police want to ensure that this does not escalate..


Operation Bremont remains ongoing and includes knife sweeps. There will be a 2 week firearms surrender commencing on the 13th November. This is also part of a national campaign.



To note both the work programme and meeting dates for the Standing Crime Scrutiny Workstream.


This was noted; Sue O’Connell advised that the next meeting of the Crime Scrutiny Panel would take place at Community House in Edmonton.




The Chair invited suggestions for future presentations at meetings. It was suggested gangs and a briefing from Victim Support. Supt Barnett agreed to check to see if DI Chris Skelt was available for the next SNB meeting to provide a presentation on gangs.


The previous suggestions that we have for guest speakers were Hate Crime, Domestic Violence, IOM and Drugs.


It was mentioned that the term Cape has 2 meanings in the Enfield context. It also refers to Carers and Parents in Enfield (CAPE). This is a group made up of carers, parents and relatives of adults over 18 with learning disabilities in Enfield.


There is a current push to increase the number of specials in Enfield and make more use of the existing specials.





Future meetings have been arranged for the following dates at Enfield Civic Centre starting at 7pm:

·       Tuesday 16 January, 2018

·       Tuesday 27 March, 2018


It was confirmed that the dates of the next two meetings have now been changed and are as follows:

·       Thursday 18 January, 2018

·       Wednesday 28 March, 2018


These dates will also be circulated to all SNB Members.