Agenda and minutes

Safer Neighbourhood Board - Thursday, 18th January, 2018 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

Contact: Tariq Soomauroo 

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The Chair welcomed everyone to the Board.




Apologies were received from Cllr Nick Dines, Sheila Stacey (SNB Treasurer), Susan Doran (MOPAC), Lynne Abrams (MOPAC), Eddie Fraser (CAPE Chair), Irene Wilson (Willow Road Residents, Town & Grange CAPE), Revd Ian Gallagher (Enfield Highway CAPE).




Tim Fellows (SNB Chair) began the Item with his Feedback.


Two Gold Groups were held this period, unfortunately as invites were sent during the Christmas break, the chair didn’t pick this up till the 2nd January 2018 after his holidays.


It was believed that the Stop & Search group met and hopefully will have some feedback today.


The Safer Neighbourhood Panels still have not met but the chair advised that he believes that they should meet soon.


The Chair informed the board that he attended an LCP2 meeting at New Scotland Yard in December regarding the single command unit and public access. It was an interesting meeting and Enfield’s concerns about the changes were mirrored in many other boroughs.


The chair also attended the Safer and Stronger Communities Board on the 4th January 2018 and Crime Scrutiny panel meeting last week.


The Chair updated the board on MOPAC project funding’s for Enfield. The four successful projects have commenced, and will be collecting mid grant reports shortly. The chair advised the board that all are on target for successful completion by grant end.


There has been a management change and Darren (CCTV Manager) is now in charge but only working Mon - Thurs.

There has also been a major refurbishment which took a few months so visits can now resume, so Sheila will be contacting everyone in the group to begin inspections starting with Janet & Lorna.



Finally the Chair highlighted that this year has been difficult workwise due to temporarily losing his office due to structural problems rendering it unusable. This has created a lot of work and challenges; however hopefully the situation will be resolved soon.



To approve the minutes of the meeting 2nd November 2017.


A comment was raised regarding the previous minutes on Item 6 “STANDARDISED AGENDA & CONSTITUTION FOR CAPE'S”. It was mentioned that the view of MOPAC that councillors do not have voting rights and must not lead should be changed so that they are expected to attend CAPE meetings. Many Capes find their local councillors very helpful particularly in resolving issues that are not for the police.


The Chair reiterated that as Councillors are non-voting members they are not obliged to be present at every meeting. For example the meeting is still quorate without them. Councillors should always be invited to attend but there may possibly be parts of a meeting where their presence would be inappropriate.  It was also confirmed that the CAPE are not always expected to adopt a constitution, although when recruiting members it helped raise awareness of what was expected of them.


The minutes of the previous meeting were AGREED.







A presentation to be given at the meeting by Detective Inspector Chris Skelt.


Presentation was delivered by Acting DS Andrew Parr and PC Nicola Day on Gangs


Andrew Parr (Acting DS) began the presentation on the overview of the Top Twenty gangs in London. It was highlighted that The GMG – GET MONEY GANGSTERS are now assessed as the most active gang in London. They have been the suspects for a fatal stabbing in December which is the primary reason for their rise. The gang formally referred to as DA - DEM AFRICANS are now 10th in the overview chart.


Andrew Parr (Acting DS) then moved onto Gun discharges. In the last twelve weeks there have been 53 Lethal barrelled GCDs in London, which is a decrease from the last meeting. There have been five offences in the last two weeks. Newham have suffered from further offending with two in the last two weeks

Enfield’s position on the comparison graph demonstrated that between 30.12.16 - 29.12.17 the Volume of Gun Discharges were 27, 17 of which came from a (lethal barrelled) and 10 from (non-lethal barrelled).


Andrew Parr (acting DS) and Nicola Day (PC) presented detailed charts on Knife Injury Victims under 25 statistics. Enfield’s position was second on the chart and identified in the Top 3 worsening Boroughs by Volume. The chart with statistics for victims 25 and over placed Enfield in the middle of the chart with a 20% change (decrease) between 29.12.16 - 29.12.17.


Nicola Day (PC) took us through the Gang’s Unit Objective, which was primarily to save lives and protect the residents of Enfield and surrounding areas from gang related violence through three key areas. Prevention via Gang Intervention visits and gang mediation. Proactivity via Daily management of Gang members, Habitual Knife Carriers & Prolific Firearm Offenders and Intelligence led Operations. Partnership working with Local Authority, GPG, neighbouring boroughs and 3rd sector organisations.


Finally both Andrew Parr (Acting DS) and Nicola Day (PC) highlighted three recent operations and took us through one in particular Op Texas – Ponders End Park

In partnership with colleagues in Neighbourhood Policing a proactive Operation was set up to tackle the drug dealing and Anti-Social Behaviour in and around Ponders End Park. The four key areas tackled were;

Education- Increased Op Crest deployments in and around the area

Environment – Bushes cut back to reduce hiding places and improve OP vision.

Engineering – Shelter used for dealing removed and Lighting added to improve OP vision.  

Enforcement – Surveillance authorised with the following aims, reduce intel gap and maximise arrest, seizure or covert tactics opportunities. Provide immediate response to intelligence. Provide evidence for reactive investigations.



Andrew Parr (Acting DS) and Nicola Day (PC) invited the Board for any Questions relating to Gangs.



It was voiced that there has been a noticeable difference in Ponders End Park, particularly with the CCTV installed.

Are the Stop & Search Body Cams working? How far are they covering?



Stop & Search body cams working well, gangs in particular are being targeted. There are dedicated Ward Officers,  ...  view the full minutes text for item 310.




Examination of crime statistics including:

a)    Recorded Crime

b)    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

c)     Public confidence & Victim satisfaction

d)    Complaints against Borough Officers/ Staff

e)    Stop and Search

f)      Taser Deployment

Additional documents:



Recorded Crime


Jenny Barnett (Superintendent) went through the Total Crime figures (attached). Highest month for Crime was October 2017 and Lowest was in January 2017. Biggest percentage of change was a 14% increase in June 17 compared to June 16.




Year Ending (YE) Antisocial Behaviour (ASB) Figures


YE ASB Figures from the 01 January 2017 – 01 December 2017 showed a 3% decrease from the previous 12 months. In the current 12 months the graph demonstrates that July 2017 was the month most number of calls was received. Neil Billany (Temporary Chief Inspector) identified 31st October (Halloween) as the worst night and this year successfully reduced the amount of calls being made to the police (35%) in comparison with previous years.



Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

Improvements have been shown in three out of the four areas for Overall Satisfaction: 

Ease of Contact, Police Treatment and Follow Up and have not suffered any reduction in rank for Police Actions, remaining in 21st place.


The User Satisfaction Survey (USS) rolling data shows at 22nd for Overall Satisfaction - This is a month on month improvement of 5 places since Mi Investigation was implemented in the Borough.



After last month, seeing improvement in Satisfaction in the majority of areas for this Crime Type, this month is unfortunately a less positive picture with reductions in performance across the board.

Enfield remains in the top half of Boroughs and we are in line with the MPS Averages in all areas.


Violent Crime:

A slight reduction is shown in Overall Satisfaction and Ease of Contact but has performed well in the other areas.


Vehicle Crime:

This crime type has been the most improved area this month, seeing increased satisfaction in all areas.  The increases are significant and have lifted us out of the bottom 5 Boroughs in all but one area. 


Hate Crime:

Although still in the bottom 2 Boroughs for overall satisfaction in this area we have shown healthy improvements in rank in both Police Actions and Police Treatment





Complaints against Borough Officers/ Staff


There are currently 35 live complaints, the average days for cases is 90, we have 14 Cases which are running over 80 and are second in the Met for dealing with complaints in a timely manner. Discrimination cases 8 at 126 days and 3 at 80 days.



Year Ending (YE) Stop & Search


Overall Stop & Search statistics showed the majority of Enfield Stop & Search by reason was Drugs (Misuse of Drugs Act). Enfield was in the middle of the proportion of all Stop & Search by Borough. The Stop & Search outcomes graph for Enfield showed 4 arrests, 9 warnings, 11 penalty notices, 12 postal charge requisition/Summons, 13 Community resolutions and 14 Cautions. All other Stop and Searching resulted in No Further Action (NFAs).



Taser Deployment


The following relates to the Fourth Quarter (October-December)

• Drawn, 0 times

• Aimed, 1 times

• Taser aimed and red dot placed on subject, 9  ...  view the full minutes text for item 311.



To receive an update from Superintendent Barnett.


Overall Budgeted Workforce Target (BWT) was 552 these figures are based on current central (Statistics Attached)



To receive an update from Superintendent Barnett.


Jenny Barnett (Superintendent) provided an update on current police operations.


Jenny Barnett (Superintendent) began by highlighting that the police are targeting Knife & Moped Crime as two key ongoing projects.


Neil Billany (Temporary Chief Inspector) oversaw the operation Autumn nights with successes around Bonfire night/Halloween with the reduction of Anti-Social Behaviour.


More patrols have been carried out on Fore Street regarding Prostitution. 7 Females were caught loitering with 37 prostitution caution warnings. New areas were also identified affiliated with prostitution.


Curb Callers caught will be fined and also can pay for a course raising awareness on the effects of prostitution.


A new sexual health clinic, Silverpoint will be opening on 14th February on Fore Street, Edmonton.


Police are also continuing with Targeting speeding particularly on the A10


Lena Crescent (Lower Edmonton) murder, suspect in custody.


NYE – Murder, 3 arrested and 1 charged


Neil Billany (Temporary Chief Inspector) funding boxing programme for girls at Edmonton.






Congratulations to Neil Billany (Temporary Chief Inspector) who is now officially been promoted to Chief Inspector.




A future meeting has been arranged for the following date at Enfield Civic Centre starting at 7pm:

·         Tuesday 28 March, 2018


Wednesday 28th  March, 2018