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Safer Neighbourhood Board - Thursday, 21st May, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA. View directions

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Introduction from the current Chairman, Adrian Bishop-Laggett.


The Chair, Adrian Bishop-Laggett welcomed everyone to this public meeting of the SNB.  He introduced Councillor Maguire as a new member of the Safer Neighbourhood Board and also welcomed Bradley Few from MOPAC, Chief Inspector Ian Kibblewhite and Ivona Konopek who was attending on behalf of Victim Support.


He went on to say that this was the last meeting of SNB when he would be acting as Chair and that a new Chair and Vice-Chair would be elected at the meeting.  He mentioned that Brian Waters would be standing down as Cape Chair representing Town, Grange and Chase wards.




Apologies for absence were received from Pat Jackson (Jubilee, Ponders End), John Lawrence (Ponders End Cape Chair), Rasheed Sadegh-Zadeh (IAG), Mark Rudling (EBRA), and David Cockle (Highlands CAPE).




To appoint a Chairman and Vice-Chairman for 2015/16.


The following nominations had been received -

Chair – nomination from Tim Fellows (seconded by Ruth Ward)

Vice- Chair – nomination from Harry Landsman (seconded by Josie Royce)


AGREED  that Tim Fellows be appointed as Chair of the SNB and that Harry Landsman be appointed together with Ruth Ward as Vice Chairs for the SNB.


As the Treasurer position becomes vacant following the appointment of Tim Fellows, a nomination had been received for this position from Janet Marshall and seconded by Ruth Ward.


AGREED that Janet Marshall be appointed as Treasurer of the SNB.




To agree the minutes of the meeting held on the 5 February 2015.


AGREED that the minutes of the 5 February 2015 be confirmed as a correct record, with the following amendments

  • Examination of Crime Statistics – Carl Robinson’s rank should be stated as Superintendent .
  • The Borough police data (scorecard) should read (dashboard).


Matters Arising

Edmonton custody suite - At the meeting of the 11 November 2014 concerns were raised about the possible closure of the Edmonton custody suite. Chief Inspector Kibblewhite said that there are no plans at present to close this suite, however, he is not able to give an assurance about any future plans.


CCTV Monitoring – At the last meeting it was stated that IAG do ad- hoc inspections, although very few are carried out, it was thought however that an inspection has been completed within the last year.




Examination of crime statistics received from MOPAC to include:

a)    Recorded Crime

b)    Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

c)    Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

d)    Complaints against Borough Officers/ Staff

e)    Stop and Search


Chief Inspector Ian Kibblewhite presented the MOPAC and Police data on the following:


·         Recorded Crime. 

·         Anti-Social Behaviour

·         Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

·         Complaints against Borough Officers /Staff

·         Stop and Search

·         Independent Custody Visitor Scheme Data


He highlighted key issues and the group raised a number of points as follows –


Recorded Crime.  Using the Borough police data (dashboard).  The total offences, for Enfield are generally showing decreases against the rolling 12 month figures and also a reduction for the MOPAC challenge of sustained 20% reduction by March 2016. 

This applies to Burglary (-9.8%), Robbery (-11.1%), Theft from Motor vehicle (-39.1%) Theft of Motor Vehicle (-19.2%), and theft from person (-19.6%). The two crime types that show an increase are Criminal damage (+4.7%) and Violence with Injury (+20.2%). 


The ‘Sanction Detections’ details give the success rate for clearing cases.  However a number of categories show a decrease in the clearing rate from last year.  Chief Inspector Kibblewhite pointed out that  it is no longer possible for figures to include cases where previous incidents could be taken into consideration, therefore it is no longer possible to show improved detection levels by these means.


The following issues were raised –

  • CCC Despatch calls refers to ‘I Calls’ where police should arrive within 15 minutes of a call being made and ‘S Calls’ where police should arrive within 60 minutes (i.e. for less urgent cases).  Performance for ‘I Calls’ are  91.8%, the same as for the previous 12 month period and for ‘S Calls’ 90.1% which is slightly lower than the previous 12 month period of 91.3%.
  • The total number of notifiable offences have reduced over the previous 12 months by 2.5%.  Victim based offences have reduced from last year by 0.3%.
  • It was confirmed that ‘hate crime’ is not included as one of the ‘MOPAC 7’ list of categories of offences.  MOPAC data on this is included in the MOPAC report (circulated with the agenda) and a chart giving further information on this crime has been provided by Sandeep Broca (Community Safety Information Manager) which is attached to the minutes.
  • It was thought the increase in the number of ‘hate crimes’ reported, may partly be attributed to greater confidence in the reporting systems.  As with cases of domestic abuse D I Kibblewhite stressed the importance of trying to make an arrest at the time the incident is reported as often victims are unwilling to give a statement at a later time.


Stop & Search

The success rate for March shows that 26% of searches in Enfield resulted in an arrest, with 29% of searches for stolen property successful, and 16% of weapon searches successful.  The aim is to concentrate searches on the right people i.e ‘quality rather than quantity’. The challenge for the police in conducting stop & search is in finding weapons, and usually these were as a result of information already received.  Chief Inspector Kibblewhite referred to the Stop and Search monitoring group which was being reformed and meetings arranged, he said these would  ...  view the full minutes text for item 5.



To receive an update from Chief Inspector Ian Kibblewhite


The current target strength for police officers is 561, this is a reduction of 5 posts from the last meeting and is a result of 5 officers now working in a central team working on the video identification unit. They continue to work on Enfield issues.   Officers are also being posted to specialist units like Counter-Terrorism.   




To receive an update on current Police operations from Chief Inspector Ian Kibblewhite.


An update was given on Police Operations as follows:

  • Operation Spyder-  targeting those involved in theft from motor vehicles.  Exceptional targeting has taken place i.e working in areas near IKEA or Premier Inn hotels where work vans were being targeted for tools left overnight.  Reference was also made to a number of car registration plates being stolen.
  • Operation Equinox targeting ‘violence with injury’ in open spaces with Edmonton Green as one of the top 30 wards in London.
  • Safe as houses. This targets areas affected by burglary and motor vehicle crime. This includes the 9,000 addresses being visited in the Edmonton area where ‘smart water’ is being applied.
  • Operation Bumble Bee, targeting burglars and target hardening properties.
  • Operation Neptune – looking for stolen property.


A lot of operations are on-going. Priority is currently on crimes of violence and burglary.


The following issues were raised

The signs indicating that ‘smart water’ have been applied to properties in the area were thought to be rather large, there are concerns that they may be too big for attaching to lamp posts.  Smaller signs similar to those for ‘Neighbourhood watch’ would be more appropriate.  Window stickers are also to be utilised.




Bradley Few mentioned that the deadline for receiving applications for SNB projects is 30 June 2015.  There is only one application form to be completed by SNB for funds for the year. The chosen projects will be monitored.  Any funding remaining from last year will be brought forward and added to this year’s allocation.   Updates on SNB projects would be submitted to future meetings of the Safer Neighbourhood Board. 




If you wish to raise a matter of urgent business, please send full details to to arrive no later than Monday 18 May 2015.


Signing in Procedures     Concerns were raised that at a time of security alerts it was alarming that there were no ‘signing in’ procedures in use at the reception office this evening.  Andrea Clemons would raise this matter with the facilities management team. Post meeting note – A reply has now been received from Facilities Management to say that all visitors must sign in and a reminder has been given to security officers that they must follow this procedure irrespective of the number of attendees, and that they should use the log that has now been re-provided.


Emergency Call button – tunnel linking bus stop to North Middlesex Hospital   A concern was raised about inadequate lighting at this location and a request for an emergency button to be sited at an appropriate position.  Andrea Clemons said we had been investigating whether it was feasible for LBE to take over responsibility for the cameras at this location.


Windscreen washing – Bounds Green Road  This has now resumed. DI Kibblewhite will speak to Road Traffic Police about this anti-social  matter.


Community Safety Unit  Concerns have been raised about difficulties encountered in having calls answered. It was pointed out that improved answering facilities would be provided in future.


Disability Steering Group  At previous meetings Jane Richards had raised the fact that this group had not been operational for a long period. She had spoken to Councillor Lappage about this matter previously and it is understood that Councillor McGuire and Jane Richards would discuss this issue further.


Installation of CCTV between Oakwood and Cockfosters  

After the meeting, in answer to a request on progress with this installation, Alan Gardner (Enfield Public Safety Centre Manager) has provided the following information


“I can confirm that CCTV has been installed and is working and recording at both Cockfosters and Oakwood areas with several cameras in each location near transport hubs and local shopping parades and connected back to the Enfield Public Safety Centre (EPSC) for live monitoring and incident management with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)” 


Adrian Bishop- Laggett and Brian Waters

Members of the SNB wished to thank Adrian Bishop-Laggett  for his work as Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel. 


Bradley Few stated that he would attend every other meeting of this Panel.  He also wished to thank Adrian for his valuable contribution to the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


Members also wished to thank Brian Waters for his work as Cape Chair representing Town, Grange and Chase wards.



Meeting dates for 2015/16 will be agreed at the Annual Council meeting on Wednesday 13 May 2015.


In response to a request that the meetings of the Safer Neighbourhood Board be held on Thursdays, the following meeting dates have been  arranged:


Thursday 30 July 2015

Thursday 19 November 2015

Thursday 4 February 2016