Agenda and minutes

Safer Neighbourhood Board - Wednesday, 5th April, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: Room 1, Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfield, EN1 3XA

Contact: Clare Bryant 

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Apologies for absence


Apologies for absence were received from Councillor Dines, Harry Landsman (Vice Chair), Carol Shuttle (Southbury CAPE), Borough Commander Iain Raphael and Susan Doran (MOPAC).


Chairs Feedback


The Executive did not meet during the last period but have been working on standardising constitutions and agendas for CAPE meetings.


The CCTV Monitoring Station Group has been re-established with Sheila Stacey (Enfield Lock & Turkey Street CAPE Chair) leading on this. 6 volunteers have been trained and the first inspection has taken place. Visits will continue monthly.


The Safer Neighbourhood Panel for the North Cluster held a successful meeting last week. Meetings for the other two Enfield Clusters have been arranged.


Tim attended the Safer Neighbourhood Boards Forum at City Hall on 16th March which provided updates on the Mayors Police and Crime Plan that launched a few weeks before, and on the Basic Command Unit Merger Pathfinders.

As part of the plan there will be a doubling of officers working with young people, school’s officers and pupil referral units. Concerns were raised about Borough mergers although it was suggested these would not be confirmed until the current borough trials had been complete. Attendees were also informed that the dispatch process will be changing so that the officers nearest to the incident would be dispatched to deal with the call.






Minutes of the previous meeting pdf icon PDF 360 KB

To approve the minutes of the meeting on 2 February 2017.


The minutes of the previous meeting were AGREED.


Sheila Stacey, Enfield Lock & Turkey Street CAPE Chair, informed the Board that since the last meeting of the SNB work has been taking place with Officers in the Ward to get the Southgate CAPE started again.


Examination of Crime Statistics

Examination of crime statistics received from MOPAC to include:

(a) Recorded Crime

(b) Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

(c) Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

(d) Complaints against Borough Officers/Staff

(e) Stop and Search

(f) Taser Deployment



Jenny Barnett, Superintendent, provided the following crime statistics:


a)    Recorded Crime

There is a 15.1% decrease in all recorded crime in the last 12 month rolling period. Over the last 12-month period there have been the following changes:

·         10.4% decrease in burglaries

·         2.5% decrease in robbery

·         2% increase in criminal damages

·         6.5% increase in theft

·         2% decrease in violence with injury


b)   Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

There has statistically been an increase in the reporting of ASB, although this is due to how its logged. Calls will initially be logged as ASB but after investigation be found to be something else. As the statics are produced by what the call is initially logged as ASB reports look higher than they are.


c)    Public Confidence & Victim Satisfaction

Enfield is still low in the London rankings of victim satisfaction. There has been some improvement on following up incidents with victims of crime. Victims are now being provided with a 24-hour phone number to contact officers regarding their case.


d)   Complaints against Borough Officers/Staff

No update on complaints was available.


e)    Stop & Search

The Stop & Search Monitoring Group has held three meetings since it has been established. A future meeting has been scheduled for the end of April.  It is hoped the Group will have around 8-10 people attending and is being supported by the police.


20% of all searches have led to an arrest. New Officers are receiving 5 weeks of extra training to raise awareness of the processes.


f)     Taser Deployment

Tasers are available to 4 Officers in every team. Following the attacks in Westminister, the maximum number of Officers were deployed with tasers, however, this has now been reduced.


The following questions were taken from the Board and members of the public:

Q) How long is it before a case of crime is closed?

A) Depending on the evidence and whether there is a suspect. If neither of these are available a case will be closed, although would be reopened if a led was to come up. Crimes are always investigated as public and private CCTV has increased.


ACTION: Tim Fellows and Jenny Barnett to discuss putting together a new crime pack to be sent out before each meeting.


Q) Is ASB a council responsibility or a police responsibility?

A) What the ASB is depends on whether it is a council or police responsibility. Often a joint response is produced by both the organisations. Criminal acts will always be a police responsibility.


Q) Has there been an increase in moped thefts and crimes?

A) There have been three moped thefts in Enfield which is an increase for the borough. Mopeds are travelling from Camden and Islington where this has become a bigger issue. A squad has been put together to deal with moped enabled crimes and prevention work is taking place with designers to make mopeds more difficult to steal.  This is not considered a major issue for Enfield.


Welcome and introductions


A moment of silence was held for the victims of the attack on Westminister Bridge on 22 March 2017.


The Chair welcomes everyone to the meeting.



Target Establishment

To receive an update from Chief Inspect, Jenny Barnett.



The current strength of the police officers in Enfield as of 1 May 2017 is 554.


One post from every London borough has been given up to deal with the online reporting of crimes.


Each police sergeant will cover three wards, with each ward having two dedicated ward officers and one inspector.




To receive an update from Chief Inspector, Jenny Barnett.



Since the Westminister attacks, Hate Crime has been being monitored. Enfield has seen no increase in Hate Crimes. Five reported incidents of hate crime in Enfield are mostly connected with the Turkish Election. Additional police presence and aid has been required both in London City and locally.


From 8 May 2017, Officers will be responsible for anyone they arrest for the entire process. Other disposal options are being considered such as tickets, postal charges and arranging appointments for people to attend police stations. Having the same officer responsible for crimes throughout the process allows consistency for victims. It is hoped this will improve satisfaction for crime victims.


Further operations will take place on A10 to combat speeding.


ACTION:  Jenny Barnett to find out how many people have been caught using their phones whilst driving since the change in the law.


SNB Funding 2017/18

To agree the future SNB priorities and processes.



The SNB will receive the same funding for 2017/18 as it did for 2016/17.


It was AGREED the local priorities for 2017/18 would be Serious Youth Violence, and Violence against Women and Girls. Applications for funding will be needed by 31 May 2017.


The Chair of the SNB will attend the sessions held by MOPAC on funding bids. The bids this year will need to be more specific following several unsuccessful bids last year. The Board was reminded that funding will always be for projects, not police functions.



Election of Treasurer

To appoint a Treasurer for 2017/18.



Sheila Stacey was elected as Treasurer for the Board



To appoint a Secretary for 2017/18.



Alok Agrawal was elected as Secretary for the Safer Neighbourhood Board.


Any other Business


Work on updating and modifying the constitution will be brought back to the Board in the future for approval.


A resident queried why speeding on the A406 still takes place and why there doesn’t appear to be any police enforcement in the area. The Board was informed the A406 is classified as a ‘fast road’ so Enfield officers cannot respond to incidents on this road. A specialist team responds to incidents on these sorts of road.



Dates of Future Meetings

Dates of future Safer Neighbourhood Board meetings will be confirmed after Full Council on the 10 May 2017.


Dates of future meetings will be approved following Full Council in May 2017.