Draft minutes

Grange Ward Forum - Tuesday, 9th October, 2018 7.30 pm

Proposed venue: Dugdale Centre - Rooms 2 & 3, , 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS. View directions

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Grange Ward Forum Notes


Apologies were noted

Update from The Grange Ward police Team

August figures:



6 Residential

2 Non residential



Theft from motor vehicle – 11 + 1 vehicle interference

Theft of motor vehicle 5

Shoplifting – 6

Theft other – 13

Robbery – 4


Other offences

Common assault/ABH/GBH – 7

Sexual assault – 1


Arrest figures:


1 x Possession of an offensive weapon in a public place

1 x Possession with intent to supply cannabis

1 x Burglary commercial

1 x Burglary residential

1 x Common assault


September figures:


Burglaries –

Residential – 5

Non residential – 0


Theft –

Theft from motor vehicle – 8

Theft of motor vehicle – 2

Shoplifting – 7

Theft other – 7

Robberies – 5



Common assault/ ABH/ GBH - 7


Arrest figures:


1 x Shoplifting

1 x Assault on constable

1 x ABH


Questions from attendees

·        Arrest rate vs Crime figures

·        Screening out certain crimes

·        Serious incidents and gang crime

·        Merger with Harringey – No change to safer neighbourhoods team

·        2 extra officers for Sgt Bartlett in town area starting in Jan

·        Increased risk of Burglaries as evenings draw in

·        Fireworks issues with them being set off inappropriately.

·        Initiative to tackle crimes, grass roots upwards.

·        Observation about more police presence to provide a deterrent.

Cycle Enfield

·        Cllr Neville explained how he has questioned the legality of the traffic orders.

·        This was followed by a discussion about the ongoing impact of Cycle Enfield.

Enfield Town Centre

·        Worries about ability of LBE to get it sorted.

·        Paper produced by the opposition party to Sept full Council was voted down by the administration. Paper was full of good ideas to improve Enfield Town

Events in Town Park

·        Discussion of recent events and proposed future events. Balloon Festival and Oktoberfest

·        Cllr Dey explained he had got the parks team to agree to consult key stakeholders when considering future events.

·        The Town Park Flood alleviation scheme was discusssed

Town Show

·        Mini town show held at Salisbury House

The Proposed planning application for Bush Hill was discussed

Council Finances

·        Cllrs’s explained that the funding formula has changed.

·        Reduction in govt grant replaced by councils keeping business rates. This has resulted in more money for Enfield in each of the last 5 years.

Further discussion about this