Agenda and minutes

Turkey Street Ward Forum
Thursday, 9th April, 2015 7.00 pm

Venue: Ordnance Unity Centre, 645 Hertford Road, EN3 6ND

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Residents were welcomed to the meeting and the Councillors introduced themselves. Councillor Katherine Chibah had sent apologies due to illness



To receive a brief update on local policing issues.


a.            Crime levels were slightly down on last year. The number of thefts was quite high but these related to thefts of motor fuel at filling stations, which were hard to solve.

b.            Residents had asked at the last meeting for an update on the SNT ward base in Freezywater. PC Smedley reported that this was open three times a week (1900-2000 on Tuesday and Wednesday and 1400-1500 Saturday) and otherwise used a base for various police teams.

c.            There was a new Twitter account for the team; @MPSTurkeyStreet.





a.            Residents expressed continuing concern about the waste disposal arrangements for the flats on Kempe and Elsinge. They asked that pressure be kept up on Enfield Homes and the Council to improve the arrangements, so as to maximise recycling and minimise litter and flytips.

b.            The refuse lorries were not equipped with shovels or brushes to pick up spillages and one resident had had to clear up a spill himself. The previous arrangement of sweeping following refuse collection seemed to have broken down. It was agreed to recommend that the carts should carry clean-up equipment.

c.            Residents also expressed continuing concern about the use of the area behind the flats on Kempe and Elsinge Roads for car and van dealing. There were up to 21 vehicles not known to be used by residents on site that evening and all the evidence was of an active trading site. The area had been fenced but the gate had been taken away so it was currently open access. One of the vans - unplated - was being used for storage.

d.            The Councillors and police outlined the concerns that had led to the closure of Kempe Hall and its repossession by the Council.  Residents understood the importance of community safety, proper attention to health and safety issues and good governance. However they emphasised the need for the hall to reopen as soon as possible with strong community involvement and that officers should ensure that regular hirers were able to continue their activities. Councillors agreed, and would contact officers urgently about one particular hiring. They suggested alternative venues if essential.

e.            The bollards obstructing the footway on the SW side of the Hoe Lane rail bridge had still not been moved back and this would be followed up.

f.             There would be no Enfield Resident Priority Fund money available for 2015/6 in view of Government cuts to LA budget support.





The regular surgery would continue to be held every Saturday 1145 to 1245 at Ordnance Road library; one week in four it would be taken by an Enfield Lock councillor.




To agree plans for future meetings (dates, timing, venues).


The forum agreed that the next meeting would be in July at Kempe Hall, subject to availability, which was the preferred location of those present.

Post-meeting note It proved not to be possible to be sure that the hall would be available for the preferred date so the next forum will be on Wednesday 15 July 2015, 7.30pm, again at the Ordnance Unity Centre.







Waste disposal arrangements for the flats on Kempe and Elsinge.

Officers from Enfield Homes and Waste and Park Services have met do discuss the issues  as they accept that the rear of the shops in Kemp Road is continuously fly tipped by persons unknown with both tenants, and third parties, being responsible for the fly tipping. The caretaking team are visiting weekly to clear up this area and are also trying to get CCTV camera installed to try and deter the fly tipping to the rear of the shops.

Following the meeting, Enfield Homes agreed that 8 x 360 litre waste bins will be provided for the flats from April 2015.  There is a communal recycling bin for use by both blocks of flats. Officers will reassess the capacity once the waste bins have been installed.

Waste bin outside the shop at 37 Kempe Rd not being emptied daily


The litter bin outside the shop at 37 Kempe Road will be emptied every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from now on. From previous monitoring, this should be sufficient to keep the litter at this site under control.


Street cleansing preceding, rather than following, bin rounds


The refuse and recycling services are responsible for clearing any spillage that is caused when emptying the wheeled bins.  Therefore it is not essential that the street cleansing service should follow the waste services.


Refuse service to the Cocker Rd flats


The Refuse Senior Operations Manager explained that the reason the collection crew use the wheeled bin, is to reduce the amount of spillage, caused by bags splitting whilst being transported to the refuse collection vehicle. This location is currently a black bag collection and as such, the bags are open to attack by animals, prior to collection.


Following a site visit it is proposed that waste bins are located at the front and rear of the flats. Once Enfield Homes confirm that they will pay the hire charge for the waste bins, the officer will arrange for the bins to be delivered.