Agenda and minutes

Turkey Street Ward Forum - Tuesday, 17th November, 2015 7.30 pm

Venue: Boleyn Community Hall, St Martins Close, Enfield, EN1 4HW

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Residents were welcomed to the meeting.





a.    It was suggested that there should be a noticeboard for community use.


b.    Councillor Simon reported that he had asked Parks to consider installing children's play equipment, though this might have to await funds from a developer under section 106 of the Planning acts.


c.    The larger field was being damaged by motorbike scrambling especially on Sunday evening. The police were aware of the problem but Parks might usefully consider what more could be done to protect the area.


d.    The helicopter air ambulance occasionally landed in the larger field but it was difficult for London Ambulance Service to get land vehicles into it for transfer. Could the gate to be fitted with an emergency services key?


e.    Residents asked for confirmation that the geotechnical problem affecting the Green has now been solved and whether any further problems have been identified in ongoing monitoring.





a.    The meeting was concerned about the number of incidents where very powerful fireworks had been set off in an unsafe manner. Residents agreed that they needed to be stronger enforcement of the restrictions on sale and that further restrictions should be imposed. It was noted that an online petition had been started to ask for this,


b.    Particularly concern was raised about a shop, which normally dealt in mobility vehicles but also sold fireworks in season, on Hertford Road near Saint Stephens Road, EN3, and which had residential accommodation overhead. It was suggested that this did not offered safe storage for the volume of fireworks on the premises.


c.    PC Smedley reported that the police had been out in full strength over the fireworks season.





a.    PC Smedley reported that burglaries were sharply down on last year’s level, with other crimes at broadly the same level. However residents pointed to the fact that there had been two murders this year on the ward, and other serious incidents, and this demanded a stronger police presence.


b.    A recent speed gun operation on the A10 had caught 12 drivers exceeding 60 mph in a 40 mph zone, with a top speed of 86 mph.


c.    Residents noted that the speed camera had been removed from the A10 near the junction with Turkey Street and felt that this was a mistake in view of the problem of very high speeds. They asked for its reinstatement.


d.    Pravin Varsani reported that the PACE meeting earlier that day had discussed community cohesion in the light of the attacks in Paris.





a.    It was reported that a large white table had been dumped in the Turkey Brook between the railway line and Teal Close.


b.    Attention was drawn to the poor state of the footway/highway surface in Teal Close outside the station. Councillor Simon reported that Transport for London were developing a scheme to improve Turkey Street station and he expected that this would be rectified as part of this. He would arrange for an update on progress with the scheme for the minutes.


c.    Mention was made of the number of young people who congregate around the station in the early evening. While some residents find this a little intimidating, there was no evidence of this being the focus of criminal behaviour and it was noted that TfL had increased staffing on the station.


d.    It was suggested that litter enforcement officers were inclined to give higher priority to Enfield Town at the expense of streets in eastern Enfield. Councillors were asked to provide information about the number of patrols in each ward and the number of tickets issued.


e.    Fly tipping hotspots noted included the rear entrance to Enfield Crematorium, off Winnington Road, especially under the railway bridge.


f.     Residents asked that the Council should sweep the rear access road between Bullsmoor Lane and Dewgrass Grove, outside the gated part of the alley, which it was suggested had been adopted by the council. It should therefore be swept as part of the routine sweeping patrol. However mechanical sweeper drivers were not willing to sweep it when requested.


g.    Councillor Lemonides reported back on Joan Ryan MP's meeting at Lee Valley High School about traffic in Bullsmoor Lane. It was noted that an initial report on the Northern Gateway Access Package was expected in Spring 2016 and this might give more ammunition to press for improvements.





These were agreed; there were no matters rising





The next meeting would be at Kemp Hall on Monday 29 February 2016; it was agreed that the Old Enfield Charitable Trust should be invited to speak about their grants program.