Turkey Street Ward Forum - Thursday, 19th May, 2016 7.30 pm

Proposed venue: Kempe Hall, Kempe Road, EN1 4QW

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Residents were welcomed to the meeting and the Councillors, PC Aspinall and residents introduced themselves. 





For lateness: Councillor Simon

For absence: Vicki Pite (Associate Cabinet Member), Laura Goodson (Neighbourhood Officer), Paul Sergeant (Neighbourhood Officer)





PC Aspinall explained that he has been the local officer for Turkey St for the last two months and has been joined in the last month by another PCSO. He drew attention to the following issues:


a)    Two brothel locations have recently been closed down

b)    Burglary has been a lot lower in the last couple of months but it is important that residents remain vigilant with locking doors and windows

c)    There have been no incidences of robbery in the last couple of months

d)    Motor vehicle crime has been up - it is mainly opportunistic in situations where cars have been left unlocked and there has been some vehicle license theft

e)    Criminal damage has been very low

f)     Domestic violence has been relatively high.  Residents are urged to report any cases they are aware of.


The main promises at the moment are to tackle Drugs and ASB in the Holly Rd, Hertford Rd and Maltby Drive areas as well as speeding in the ward.


Residents raised the issue of fraudulent roof repair men operating in the Bullsmoor Close area. PC Aspinall asked the residents to make a formal report.


ACTION:  Councillors to inform the Cabinet Member for Community Safety.

Residents expressed regret about the reduced police numbers on the streets since Turkey St has seen its numbers cut by the GLA from five to two dedicated officers. 

PC Aspinall said that even having some bicycles would help police mobility across the ward.


ACTION: Councillors to enquire of Old Enfield Charitable Trust if it could fund two bicycles for Turkey St police


It was noted that PC Aspinall is based in Enfield Town because the Bullsmoor Station no longer operates.






Councillor Pite had sent a report about the NEAAP outlining how Turkey St is part of an area that has been identified as important for economic development.  Discussion of Cross Rail 2 followed and its implications for the area.  Residents expressed worries about probable disruption.  Comments were also made by Councillors and residents about greater economic opportunity for the area, the likely regeneration of Hertford Rd and increased housing.  It was also noted by Cllr Simon that not building Cross Rail 2 would lead to unsustainable congestion elsewhere.


Concerns were raised by residents about the following issues:

a)    The continuing issue of many lorries on Bullsmoor Lane. Cllr Chibah informed residents that Joan Ryan, MP for Enfield North has managed to obtain a meeting with the Minister for Transport to discuss residents’ wishes for an alternative route for the lorries. Also Joan has held and will be holding public meetings about the matter to which all residents are welcome. Cllr Pite is overseeing a new study of pollution on the road so that maximum evidence is available to make the case for the alternative route. 


b)    Residents raised the point that there is a sign at the junction between Bullsmoor Lane and Hertford Rd that appears to ban lorries already but that no one seems to be enforcing it and that contradictory information has been given about whether TFL or the Council has responsibility for the sign.

ACTION:  Councillors to find our who has responsibility for the sign


c)    Residents asked whether it would be possible to make the Elsinge estate one way because of congestion problems with traffic.  This has been rejected in the past because of fears about speeding.

ACTION: Councillors will find analysis given last time the issue was raised and circulate to all interested residents who will then have the opportunity to raise the issue again at the next Ward Forum if they wish.


d)    Some residents are concerned about the reckless behaviour of some cyclists and the lack of requirement for them to have insurance.  PC Aspinall said that it is a very small minority that cause problems and that they are challenged by police when incidents are observed (though there are difficulties with this if police are in cars).  Cllr Simon noted that the point about insurance was a fair one.


e)    Residents raised the issue that childcare costs were prohibitive for many people and discouraged work.  Councillors were in agreement but said it was a matter for national policy makers and that the point would be noted in the minutes to raise awareness.





a)    Residents asked about whether Lidl would be opening soon on the Hertford Rd.  As Chair of the Planning Committee, Cllr Simon gave an update on the situation. The original planning application had been rejected because it contradicted the local plan in many ways. A second, minimally changed, application for a new building had also been refused. However, Lidl had the option of opening in the existing building without the need for planning permission, which given the costs incurred by an empty store was likely to be sooner rather than later and local Councillors were keen for this to happen. The Council had agreed a planning application for some changes to the existing store and for advertising.


b)    The issue of illegally parked cars over non – dropped kerbs was raised.

ACTION:  Councillors to report offending car owners (details supplied confidentially) so that appropriate sanctions are applied





These were agreed and the attached feedback on various issues provided by officers was noted.





Residents raised the issue of cars parking near the nursery at the end of Elsinge Rd in such a way to be dangerous.  Residents asked that yellow lines could be extended to solve the problem. Cllr Lemonides said that there was a worry that doing so would displace parking elsewhere but that feedback provided from the last meeting has said that the engineer is going to have another look at the problem. It was suggested that TfL Buses should also be consulted in view of the difficulties caused to the 327.


ACTION:  Councillors to seek update before next meeting.


Residents asked about the Old Enfield Charitable Trust and how to access it.  Councillors advised of the address and the website




Residents and Councillors suggested:

a)    A presentation on Cross Rail 2 – it was noted that it might not be possible to arrange this in time for the next meeting but if not, the one after that.


b)    An update on the issue of the sign apparently banning lorries from Bullsmoor Lane


c)    Academisation of schools and the Council’s approach





23rd August at 7.30 at the Ordnance Rd Unity Centre, 645 Hertford Rd,EN3 6ND.