Turkey Street Ward Forum - Monday, 5th December, 2016 7.30 pm

Proposed venue: Kempe Hall, Kempe Road, Enfield, EN1 1QS

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For lateness: Councillor Chibah. For absence: Vicki Pite (Associate Cabinet Member), and the Police.



Turkey Street


a.    Jonathan Goodson gave a short presentation about the developments in Turkey Street. He handed round a consultation document which had been issued to residents in the area about improvements to the station and to Teal Close. He noted that Teal Close was private land managed by TfL, not by the council. The consultation has yet to close, but parking had been identified as an issue in 6 out of the 22 responses received so far. Residents were encouraged to respond before Wednesday.

b.    A consultation had also been issued more locally about changes to Turkey Street itself. It was proposed to introduce single yellow lines with restricted hours to reduce the traffic problems, particularly in the evening peak. Although there had only been 6 responses, most of those who responded were in favour, one with minor reservations. It would not be within the council’s policy to introduce a Controlled Parking Zone because this was only done where there was very little off-street parking. The meeting discussed the proposal and the consensus was that this plan should go ahead.

ACTION:  Jonathan Goodson

c.    Residents also noted the following points

                                          i.    Vermin and rubbish particularly in the Brook. Cllr Chibah said that she had contacted the Environment Agency to press for better pest control measures, and would also urge the Council for more regular cleaning of the banks.

                                         ii.    Lighting should be improved locally to reduce the amount of antisocial behaviour.

                                        iii.    It should be made clear who was responsible for policing and for parking and litter enforcement on Teal Close as between British Transport Police, the Metropolitan Police and the council.

                                       iv.    The weight restriction in Turkey Street was not well observed and should be better enforced.

                                        v.    The nature conservation area next to 1 Turkey Street, opposite 44 to 46, was repeatedly been the subject of rubbish dumping. This had been reported, but nothing had been done. This was land that had been adopted by the Council.

                                       vi.    A CCTV camera post had been erected directly opposite 44 and also near the bridge. Nobody seemed to know which agency was responsible.



Mapleton Crescent


a.    Residents were dissatisfied that they had had to pay for crossings when the pavement been renewed and that the state of the new beds.

b.    They draw attention to the increased parking pressures because of the suppression of a number of illegal crossovers.

c.    There was a particular problem in relation to the curve at 15 to 21 Mapleton Crescent where sightlines were very poor for cars leaving the house and also a lot of parking of large commercial vehicles by people who didn't live in the immediate vicinity. These parking pressures were worst overnight. Jonathan Goodson agreed to have a look at the problem and see what could be done.

ACTION:  Jonathan Goodson



Gilbert Street


a.    A resident drew attention to the parking pressures caused by the pub and antisocial behaviour, especially broken glass.

b.    She also noted that a scheme to widen the pavement and create more parking spaces had been consulted on but not yet implemented. Other street works have been undertaken, but the surface had been poorly reinstated and has now started to cave in.



Budget consultation and customer services


a.    Cllr Lemonides outlined the pressures on the council which had already lost £100 million in grant funding and was expecting to lose a further £50 million. This year's overspend was running at about £7 million.

b.    Residents understood these pressures but felt that more could be done to improve the council's efficiency. One suggestion was that the refuse collection teams should also empty the street bins rather than sending a separate crew. As an example the bin near Turkey Street station was often overflowing.

c.    Residents felt that the council should continue to accept fly tipping reports by phone. Cllr Lemonides said that he had instructed that this should be done but residents did not think this was the case.

d.    Response times for the council's phone lines were poor. Cllr Lemonides said that when he became Cabinet member for Finance he had increased resources and agreed a program of technical improvements. Response had been very poor (about 20 minutes) but had improved to about 3 minutes; due to current pressures they have now extended again to about 5 minutes but he hoped that further technical solutions would lead to improvement in Spring 2017.



Report by Associate Cabinet Member


a.    Cllr Simon summarised a written report by Cllr Pite, the Associate Cabinet Member for NE Enfield. This outlined the developments in relation to Cycle Enfield, and emphasised that the aim was to change people’s behaviour so as to reduce traffic which had been something of a theme throughout the evening.

b.    He also noted that work was continuing on the Northern Gateway Access Package to reduce pressures of heavy goods vehicles in Bullsmoor Lane. Residents asked for a note about Joan Ryan's meeting with the Secretary of State for transport.



Environmental, Housing, Estate Issues of Concern


a.    There was regular ponding at the junction of the A10 and Hoe Lane every time it rained, which had been a long-standing problem.

b.    The fence at this location had also been damaged and removed.

c.    A van was regularly parked on Hoe Lane towards the end of Pembroke Avenue which caused an obstruction in peak hours.

d.    At school run times there were problems in Pitfield Way now that the Enfield Heights Academy was growing in size along with Durants school. There should be more enforcement against such obstruction.

e.    Residents asked for more information about the schemes on the A10 including the current works at Carterhatch Lane and the proposed cycle crossing replacing the bridge just south of Turkey Street.

f.     There was a continuing problem with cars racing down the A10 on Saturday and Sunday nights. More police enforcement was essential. Cllr Lemonides said that he understood that the police could confiscate vehicles and that this would be a considerable deterrent.

g.    It was also suggested that average speed cameras should be introduced for the section of the road.

h.    1212 Great Cambridge Road just to the south of the crematorium had been marked out with a large number of parking spaces and trees had been cut down. It was not clear what trades were being undertaken there and whether there was planning permission.

i.      The obstruction caused by pavement trading on Hertford Road at Enfield Wash was also noted; while traders have the right to put goods out on their own property there did seem to be regular encroachment onto the highway.



Minutes of Last Meeting


a.    These were agreed and the attached feedback on various issues provided by officers was noted.



Date and Location of next Meeting


Thursday 23rd February 2017 at Kempe Hall at 7:30