Draft minutes

Winchmore Hill Ward Forum - Tuesday, 11th July, 2017 7.30 pm

Proposed venue: The Orange Tree, 59 Highfield Road, N21 3HA,

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   Congratulations to the organisers of the N21 Festival.

   Crime figures:
Burglary is much reduced: two in June from 13 in May.  The main area affected is bounded by Broadwalk, Green Lanes, Bourne Hill and The Green.
Theft from motor vehicles is also reduced.  Number plates are sometimes taken.
Theft of motor vehicles is now rare in Winchmore Hill, the commonest method is to use ‘relay attack’ to open cars remotely.

   Prevention advice:
Cadets are visiting all houses and delivering advice leaflets.
Do not leave windows and doors open.
If you are away, leave lights on and ask friends / neighbours / relatives to drop by so that it is not obvious the house is empty.
Install HD CCTV
Use signage to make the house less attractive e.g.dangerous dog signs.
Car doors do not always lock when locked remotely - check.
Locking screws for number plates are available form police or online.

A knife and bag of mobile phone cases has been found in the grounds.
It is the opinion of our local police that the store should lock all their gates.  If any cannot be locked, they should be covered by HD CCTV.
However, this land is owned by Sainsbury’s so any action is up to them.  The original planning permission which was determined by the planning inspectorate, did not have a condition regarding security. It was proposed at the time of the appeal but the inspector did not consider it was necessary and therefore did not include it. 

   Theft using a scooter
Two young men are riding a scooter and snatching phones.  If seen please record number plates and tell the police.

   Denleigh Gardens
Residents reported drug dealing in the area.  They think that the CCTV signs were a deterrent.
ACTION: EHu to see if CCTV can be installed again.

3.    PRESENTATION: FIRE SAFETY IN YOUR HOME - Bob Brown (retired fire officer)


   The more times you take a risk the more likely it is that a fire will start.

   The fire safety department can provide advice and in some cases will install equipment.

   Working alarms save lives.
Make sure that are working.
Use a heat alarm in the kitchen and smoke alarms everywhere else.
As a minimum, install one on each floor; one in each room is ideal.

   Avoid using candles - they have a naked flame and are easily knocked over.  If you must use a candle, make sure the holders are stable and site them away from anything combustible.

   Keep combustible things away from heaters.

   Most major fires start in the kitchen.
Do not leave the room if the grill or hob is alight.
If a fire starts:

-   Turn off the ignition,

-   Do NOT move any burning items

-   You can try to smother a fire in a pan with wet towels.

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