Agenda and minutes

Winchmore Hill Ward Forum - Thursday, 7th September, 2017 7.00 pm

Venue: The Sanctuary at the Palmers Green United Reform Church

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   Burglaries increased from six to eighteen last month.  Two buglers were arrested two weeks ago.  They had items taken form Winchmore hill in their possession and there have been no further burglaries from homes. 

   An aggravated burglary at Sainsbury's is being investigated by CID.

   Thefts from motor vehicles all showed no signs of forced entry to the vehicles.  Residents are urged to check they have locked doors and closed windows when they leave their vehicle.
There have been no thefts form motor vehicles in the last two weeks.

   Theft of motor vehicles has increased but only of unsecured mopeds which have then be used in other crimes.

   Mopeds are being used for ‘theft snatches’.  If you see two men riding a moped onto the footway (usually without coach helmets), please take their registration number. and report to the police

   Please take extra care about security as the nights draw in.  CCTV as well as alarms and stickers to warn of e.g. dogs are recommended.

   Look out for hire vehicles parked for a long time on residential roads and report to police in case they are intended for use by terrorists.

   Follow our local police on twitter @MPSWinchmoreH

   Update on past issues:

        Sainsbury's grounds are an area for ASB and drug smoking.  Police have found stolen goods and a knife there in the past.  This would be resolved if Sainsbury's would lock all their gates but they won’t.  If you see anything of concern phone 101.

        Police have visited Denleigh Gardens to investigate reports of ASB but not found anything.  If you see anything please phone 101.

   Points raised by residents:

        Some builder’s cold calling with offers to do work and doing it so badly as to cause damage.

        Insurance scams - don’t give any details or pay out any money.  Call 999 and arrange for police to be present if the ‘scammer’ arranges to visit you.

         Police were asked to attend Broomfield Park to investigate incidents of ASB which have taken place in the last four weeks.




Additional documents:


   A copy of the leaflet ‘New River/Green Lanes Environmental Improvement Scheme’ and the New River Booklet are attached.

   Points made in response to questions from residents:

        The New River is a means of getting water from one place to another to satisfy our need for water.  It is not a river, it is an aqueduct.  These facts constrain what Thames water can do and can allow in and around the river, for example fishing and swimming are not allowed and environmental monitoring is impractical

        The paths that have been closed-off were closed in response to a request from a neighbourhood watch group.  The only way they can be reopened is for Thames Water to receive a request from a similar source.

        Thames Water do not have the resources to routinely clean up litter.  The more people use the area the less littering and fly tipping there will be.
Councillors to check who owns this land. 
The land belongs to Thames Water DB

        Some areas have held very successful clean-up days for local volunteers.  If you would like to volunteer for a clean-up day contact Claudia:

        Thames Water are one of our stakeholder partners on Meridian Water, for example we have discussed with them the future role of the reservoir to the east of Meridian Water. Officers are very aware of the Woodberry Wetlands project and over time we would like o replicate the same principles at Meridian Water.





   Cycle Enfield

        The west side of Winchmore Hill Broadway has been built as planned.  Changes are being made to provide a wider footway.  the cost will come from the Cycle Enfield funds.

        At junctions where motorists enter Green Lanes, they cannot see if it is safe to pull out from behind the cycle lanes.
Drivers are expected to wait until no cyclists are coming before pulling forward to a position from which they can safely enter Green Lanes.

        The auditors accepted Cycle Enfield’s response to their comments about orcas in the Stage two safety audit and they are being monitored. 
There is a space of 2m between the orcas, they are no higher than many kerbs and there are no orcas at pedestrian crossings.

        The crossing across Sainsbury's access road has no pedestrian phase because that would slow traffic on Green Lanes.
It is being monitored and once the scheme is complete and traffic has stabilised, changes can be considered.
Many resident consider this crossing to be even less safe for pedestrians than it was before and are keen that a pedestrian phase is included even though this will impact traffic on Green Lanes.

        Motorists’ visibility of the pedestrian crossing across Green Lanes near Sainsbury’s is sometimes impeded by buses at the bus stop. 
Rules 165 - 167 of the Highway code cover this, for example, “DO NOT overtake if there is any doubt, or where you cannot see far enough ahead to be sure it is safe. …”

        The refuge has been removed near St Monica’s. 
A new pedestrian crossing will be installed near Meadowcroft Road.

   Why are there not more street trees in the area?

        The number of trees has increased.  We are keen to plant more and if anyone identifies a site please let councillors know.

        Trees are not removed unless they are diseased and need to be.

        Sites for them are limited.  They are only planted in boundaries between two houses unless a resident requests otherwise and many services are sited there preventing trees from being planted.

        If a tree is removed and a resident builds a vehicle crossover we cannot replace that tree.

        Residents were invited on a walk-about with our senior arboriculturalist a year ago and appreciated how difficult it is to find new sites for trees.

   Can there be a zebra crossing on The Green?
No suitable site could be suggested at the meeting.

   The invitation to the MPS/MOPAC Public Access and Engagement Strategy public meeting on Wednesday 20th September 7-9pm, now being held at the Dugdale Centre rather than Millfield as per the first invitation.  Formal consultation ends on 6th October re proposed closure of front counters and sale of premises.  This would leave Enfield with only public access at Edmonton Police Station.

Handouts were available on the following topics:

   Quieter Neighbourhoods

   Parking at Chase Farm



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